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Nod - Mission 6ec 'Nigeria'

Mission Objectives
GDI has imported a Nuclear Detonator in an attempt to sway a few local political leaders. Penetrate the base and steal the detonator. A chopper will be sent to meet you at a designated landing zone. Look for the landing flare once you have stolen the device.

Ray Van Dolson (
One of my friends found an interesting solution by capturing the enemy's refinery with the harvester inside. He then used the tough harvester to grab the detonator without being easily destroyed.

Brian Hassink (
After a few initial failures, have figured out how to win it. Of these missions, mission 6 has been the hardest so far (I finished it with just one remaining unit who almost died because I had to force him across the Tiberium field to reach the helicopter).

It took several tries, but I managed to cross the bridge and arrive at the northeast corner of the map with most of my units (leaving the Engineers back in the southeast corner).

I now took this surviving group and walked them along the ridge at the top of the map to the northwest corner, and then south. I then opened fire on the GDI buildings with the Bazooka men. This cause the AI to send its men out of the base and up along the way I came in. As his men came in, I ran my tanks up and down squishing them. This was far more effective than trying to take them out with gun and tank fire.

Eventually you'll bleed off most of his men and you can move your group back around to the base entrance. Use the tanks to take out the towers (and place a man where they used to stand or the AI will usually replace them). You'll now have to clean up any residual units in the base and can also bring up the Engineers.
Take over any GDI buildings you want, or simply grab the crate and head for the helicopter.




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