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Nod - Mission 7ec 'Central African Republic'

Mission Objectives
GDI have left themselves open to the deadliest weapon of all, information. Our spies tell us the GDI base in your area contains an advanced attack helicopter, the Orca. Steal this weapon, then fly to the nearby village and destroy it. The attack will be blamed on GDI.


Andre Pang (

The hard part is clearing out all the infantry surrounded at the barracks, they're the whole reason engineers can't get through. You have to send in your tanks (the second group) to the base and take out at least the barracks, after this is done, piece o' cake. Walk all your units in from the north of the base in one huge group, placing an engineer somewhere around the middle. They should make it safely since the guard tower aims for the first troop that comes in and not the engineers. Then, just capture the helipad.

Brian Hassink (
: When I sent the engineers into the ORCA installation, they came
: right back out. Much to the amusement of the few remaining GDI gunners
: who promptly killed me good. Don't tell me I needed all 4 engineers to
: complete the mission?! DOOHH!!!
I had this happen as well. What I ended up doing was moving the Engineer around to the other side and entering the structure from the bottom.

Some advice for this level...
Use the cluster of vehicles to bleed away enemy units from the GDI base. I ended up rolling them along in a row, and using the recon-bike unit to lure enemy units to their death. Attacking the GDI harvester is a very good way of getting him to send his units out of the base.

As for the squads of men, I space each man out so that the grenades and tank fire from the GDI don't do collateral damage to nearby units. Generally I don't use them until I've almost completely drained the GDI base of units with the vehicle group.

Once the GDI base is drained, use your tanks to eliminate the machine gun towers from a distance. It may take a little time, but it'll save you a lot of grief. Once the towers are gone, send in the engineers and grab the Orca. You can use your other engineers to grab the other GDI buildings (hint: Don't grab the refinery until the harvester is in it).

OK, you've got the Orca. Next thing is to get rid of that pesky patrol boat. If you don't, your Orca may get hit by its missiles. For this, I took all my remaining units (you can build more if you captured the other GDI buildings) and lined them up along the shore. A few tanks are usually enough to take out a patrol boat.

Now that the boat's gone, send the Orca after the lone GDI Bazooka unit in the village. You need to take him out first or his missiles will kill the Orca and you lose the mission. The Orca will fire off missiles automatically and return to the helipad to reload. It takes a few trips to kill the Bazooka, and several more to wipe of the village.




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