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Nod - Mission 9ea 'Egypt'

Mission Objectives
GDI is attempting to retake Egypt. Use every available resource in your efforts to stop them. The populace has once again swayed in support of GDI forces, so show no mercy in dealing with the villagers.

Neil Bonner (
After you get your base up and running, the key is to build 2 turrets to the south to protect your base from the gunship. After that concentrate on building up base defenses and getting the tiberium flowing in. I used two refineries and 3 harvesters. That combination works well on this mission.

The end-game strategy is to build up an offensive punch to cut off access to the large tiberium field in the east. Once that is done build an attach force of 8 to 10 light tanks and 4 or 5 flame tanks. Also take along about 5 Nod bikes if there are any Orcas left.

My secret to the big offensive is to NOT walk thru the front of their base. It's guarded by two guard towers and two AGTs. Take out the guard tower in the southwest corner of the base and then blast thru the wall mid- way along the south wall. This can avoid a lot of casualties! Then have the tanks take out the Construction Yard in the northeast corner. Have the flame tanks take care of any infantry and concentrate on taking out the power plants. Once a few powerplants are destroyed the AGTs will go off-line and can then be destroyed at your leisure. Once the AGTs are off-line the game is basically over as it turns into a mop-up job.

With this end-game plan you should not need to send a second force to finish the job as is the case with most offensives. When I finished this mission I had a few tanks left in the GDI base and over 6500 credits in my silos.




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