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Nod - Mission 9eb 'Egypt'

Mission Objectives
GDI is attempting to retake Egypt. Use every available resource in your efforts to stop them. The populace has once again swayed in support of GDI forces, so show no mercy in dealing with the villagers.

John C. Price (
Well, here's the Doc's Guide to GDI Base Bashing.

i) Build up a strong defense.
You heard me. Defend FIRST. Why? Because any assault on a CPU base must destroy the construction center, or it accomplishes nothing, so you need a hellacious attack force. Throw up a few turrets and an Obelisk if you can afford it. SAM bases are mostly useless, but if you build enough of them, the CPU will get scared and bomb your harvesters instead (they'll survive, but keep 'em in good repair). Once your defenses are up, you have as much time as you want, because you're invulnerable. The computer is just too dumb to mass an assault force, so it sends in wave after wave of unsupported infantry and the occasional tank. Just have a flamer guy standing around and you'll have no problems.

ii) Pick your plan.
a. The Rommel Attack:
This revolves around building a slew (15-20) light tanks and roaring in through the enemy's front gate, blasting the bejesus out of everything. The tanks take an incredible amount of damage to kill, so odds are you can wreak so serious havoc before you die. Again, the construction base MUST die, or the CPU will just rebuild all you knocked out. Note: Since tanks SUCK against infantry, you might need a couple of flame tanks.
b. Flame On:
As the name implies, this tactic revolves around flame tanks. Build a horde (at least 10, because they're lightly armored), and a few light tanks as damage sponges. Send in the light tanks to draw fire, then charge the flame tanks at any advanced guard towers (they'll cause too many casualties if allowed to live). The flamers do HELLACIOUS damage, so the towers should die rapidly. Next, everybody goes after the construction base, with one or two tasked to kill the hordes of infantry pouring out of the barracks. If you get the construction base, you've won, regardless of your losses, because you can just rebuild your attack force and attrition him to death since he can't rebuild his lost defenses.




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