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Worker Shoes Worker Shoes: - Cost: $1000
Tired of your Workers complaining about their lack of foot furniture? Well now you can do something about it, by buying the Worker Shoes upgrade. They enable your Workers to move and construct quicker.

Camo-Netting Camo-Netting - Cost: $500
This upgrade provides Camo-Netting to Stinger Sites and Tunnel Networks, rendering them invisible to your enemies until it's too late!

Fortified Structure Fortified Structure - Cost: $1000
Deploys sandbags and barbed wire around most GLA buildings, increasing the armour and so the amount of damage they can take.

Booby Trap Booby Trap - Cost: $1000
Enables the Rebel to place invisible explosive charges on neutral structures so that when an enemy tries to garrison them they detonate!




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