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Welcome to the CnCWorld 10th Anniversay Celebrations page. We held a number of contests and other special events towards the end of August to co-incide with the 10 year anniversary of Command & Conquer:

  • Competition to win Frank Klepackiís entire back catalogue here!
  • An onslaught of old-school Command & Conquer files.
  • Caption Contest Click here for the winning entries.
    The Old-School Onslaught has come and gone, but the files will remain in our downloads section!

    To find out what else went on throughout the community; click here or here.

    EA have released Command & Conquer The First Decade; a compilation of every Command & Conquer game and their expansions (except Sole Survivor) + bonus DVD featuring interviews and extras. All the games have been modified to work on Windows XP.
    For more information see our First Decade section.




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