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Despite Westwood's somewhat poor record with expansion packs they haven't given up and after many attempts they have finally got it right!

Westwood have not just added a couple of units and missions, they've gone a created a new side!
That's right, a new side! Yuri has now broken off from the Soviet cause and is trying to mind-control the world for himself. The Soviets and Allies must work together on this one to defeat Yuri.

Yuri has build a network of Mind Contol Devices around the world and is using them to force its inhabitance, fortunately, a last minuite air strike managed to damage the power on Alcatraz Island enough so that the Psychic Dominator can't be activated. It's up to you to go back in time, take out the device before it's built and hold off the Soviets!

O.K that's the storyline done. Now as I said at the start, Westwood haven't just added new Units and missions, they've also added Yuri as a playable side, his tech revolves around Mind Control and Genetic Mutation. Unfortunately there are no Yuri missions, Westwood says it's to create a common evil, but you do get to play with his forces in Skirmish Mode.

Because Yuri defected from the Soviet cause, taking his Mind-Control technology with him they had holes in their army, so the Soviet engineers came up with Battle Bunkers, Spy Planes and Industrial Plants to fill them!

As the Allies are now up against a psychic side who will use this mysterious technology more than Mother Russia did, they needed an anti-psychic unit, and they got one: The Robot Tank, other additions to the Allied cause include the Battle Fortress, the SEAL and the Gardian GI.

Yuri has the old Soviet Cloning Vat and Pshchic Radar, but now he has more psychic gagetry such as the Psychic Tower (Defence that takes over attacking units) A Brute which smashes Tanks with its bare hands, a Sniper which shoots deadly toxins, Tanks and Defences which become more powerful the longer they shoot, and much, so much more!

The gameplay itself hasn't changed at all, neither have the controls, but the real difference is online! Westwood Online now has a lot less bugs in and it is easier to get a game going. You can choose where you start and see where you enemys and allies are before you start! Smaller improvements make it more dificult to cheat in Quick Maych Games (which is the only way to gey your rank up)

Another nice addition is the ability to view clans and ranking in thr game without having to launch a browser window!

The game comes with loads of maps and already the fans are creating torrents of their own!

With 14 new Single Player Missions and 7 new Co-Op Missions Yuri's Revenge is undoubtly the best add on ever! No one should be without it! There are a few balance issues, but these will no doubt be addressed in the first patch!




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