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Peacekeeper Peacekeeper - Cost: $200
The Peacekeeper is the first infantry unit to wield a shotgun in the C&C universe, this weapon is deadly at close range quite literally blowing enemies away, furthermore it is ideal for clearing out garrisoned structures.
Riot Shield Riot Shield
Equipping the riot shield renders the Peacekeeper impervious to a multitude of different attacks and allows them to keep moving towards enemy lines to ensure maximum effectiveness of the shotgun. He cannot shoot with the shield in place but can quickly switch between the two, the shield's bulky design also impedes his speed somewhat.

Engineer Engineer - Cost: $500
Engineers offer a wide array of strategic options in battle. One engineer has the potential to capture an enemy building, repair your own structures by entering them and restoring them to full health. They can also capture the neutral technology buildings such as oil derricks. However despite these advantages engineers are reasonably slow and very vulnerable so need to be protected.
First Aid Tent First Aid Tent
Alongside building blueprints Allied Engineers also carry a first aid kit in their briefcase enabling them to setp up a tent to heal friendly infantry who have sustained injury in battle.

Attack Dog Attack Dog - Cost: $200
It wouldn't be Red Alert without the good old German Sheppard’s; fast but vulnerable animals trained to go for the jugular of any enemy infantry they can quickly decimate an entire squad! They are also the only unit capable of sniffing out enemy spies, perhaps this means Spies will also be making a comeback?
Amplified Bark Amplified Bark
This time round they've been equipped with an amplifier to stun enemies with their bark.

Javelin Soldier Javelin Soldier - Cost: $400
Javelins provide amazing anti-armour support as well as anti-air defence. They are most effective in groups of 5 as they can destroy most units before they are squashed or shot themselves. They are slow and so are vulnerable to being run over, and cannot defend themselves against infantry attacks.
Lazer Guided Mode Lazer Guided Mode
Using a laser guided mode negates the need for the soldier to aim before firing, this enables him to fire much faster and with greater lethality than normal. Bear in mind that acquiring the laser target takes some time, so this is best suited for heavier targets.

Spy Spy - Cost: $1000
The Spy is the master of stealth on the battlefield, and like the engineer, is an unarmed unit who can boost your tactical options in battle. When purchased, the spy exits from your barracks and will be recognised by the enemy, and attacked. In order to best use the spy, select the unit and then left click on an enemy infantry unit. The spy will then disguise himself as the enemy unit and will not be attacked by your enemy's infantry, vehicles or defences, however attack dogs are not fooled. If you manage to infiltrate your opponent’s base, the spy can have different effects depending on the building he enters:
  • War Factory: Sight radius around all enemy's units
  • Power Plant: The enemy will go offline for a short time
  • Ore Refinery: You steal the credits contained in this refinery
Bribe Bribe
The vast wealth of the Allied countries can prove irresistible to enemy forces disillusioned by the realities of war. The Spy can bribe nearby units and they will join your team permanently. Potentially stealing 4 Apocalypse Tanks for $1000 is a bargain!

Tanya Tanya - Cost: $2000
Tanya is the allied hero unit and the most versatile infantry unit in their arsenal. Tanya is faster than a typical Peacekeeper, but has the ability to swim across rivers and oceans. Her main weapon is ineffective against tanks, but kills enemy infantry units with a single shot. Tanya also has the ability to plant C4 charges on enemy structures and units with massive repercussions.
Timebelt Timebelt
The Timebelt gives new meaning to the phrase "Time to Rock and Roll". Should Tanya find herself in a sticky situation she can Chronoshift herself to the position she was in a few seconds ago and hopefully into safety.

Riptide ACV Riptide ACV - Cost: $750
The Riptide ACV is an armed unit transport, capable of carrying units across both land and water whilst its light mounted cannon can fend off enemy scouting parties.
Unload Unload
Everybody out! Your units jump straight out onto the battlefield ready to fight.

Multigunner IFV Multigunner IFV - Cost: $800
The IFV returns in an upgraded form with an increased array of weapons. Its weapon adjusts depending on the infantry unit you garrison inside making it extremely versatile:
  • Engineer: Repair IFV - Capable of repairing any friendly vehicle,
  • Peacekeeper: Machine Gun IFV,
  • Javelin Soldier: Rocket IFV - Capable of dealing significant damage to armoured vehicles. In the pre-alpha version they could not shoot aircraft.
Unload Unload
Everybody out! Your unit jumps straight out onto the battlefield ready to fight.

Guardian Tank Guardian Tank - Cost: $950
The successor to the Grizzly tank is driven by battle hardened Brits and forms the mainstay of Allied armoured forces. Although it is not as powerful or strong as its Soviet counterpart, the Guardian tank is faster and so can be used for hit and run attacks and in greater numbers.
Target Painter Target Painter
The Guardian has a rangefinder ability that paints targets, increasing the accuracy and firepower of nearby units firing upon the painted target.

Athena Cannon Athena Cannon - Cost: $1400
The Athena Cannon is a mighty artillery weapon, but instead of using traditional projectiles it uses its large radar dome to communicate with orbiting satellites to coordinate a strike of concentrated solar energy on the target with devastating consequences. The range is impressive, however the use of any armour would disrupt the communications array so is very vulnerable to any form of weaponry.
Aegis Shield Aegis Shield
Forms an energy barrier to protect friendly units within its perimeter.

Mirage Tank Mirage Tank - Cost: $1600
The Mirage Tank proved successful in sneak attacks during the previous war so makes a welcome return. When stationary and not firing it appears as something harmless like a tree, enabling it to get closer to your foes before unleashing a barrage from its Spectrum Cannon.
Gap Generator Gap Generator
The energy field creates a small area surrounding the tank in which friendly units will become invisible. Great for sneaking a large attack force in unnoticed.

Hydrofoil Hydrofoil - Cost: $900
The main disadvantage of the Aegis Cruiser form the previous war was its slow turning speed, the Hydrofoil solves this as it skims across the surface of the water. It specialises in taking down aircraft with great lethality, but this is at the expense of land-targeting abilities.
Weapon Jammer Weapon Jammer
This ability prevents an enemy unit from firing upon you, rendering them sitting ducks for your own weapons.

Dolphin Dolphin - Cost: $750
Dolphins are fast stealth units equiped with sonar amplifiers to boost their echo location to destructive levels. Their real effectiveness is when used in groups, so it's a good thing their training cost is low.
High Jump High Jump
As Dolphins are confined to the water they are vulnerable to certain attacks, particularly Ackula torpedoes. However they can jump over these attacks on command to prolong their time in combat.

Aircraft Carrier Aircraft Carrier - Cost: $2000
The Aircraft Carrier is the most powerful allied vessel, as it launches six small aircraft to attack ground based targets. Despite the cost of an aircraft carrier, any of the fighters that are shot down are automatically replaced. However the aircraft launched are very vulnerable to anti-air attacks.
Blackout Missile Blackout Missile
The Blackout Missile produces an Electromagnetic Pulse, disabling the electronics in enemy tanks and structures for a time. Infantry are unaffected.

Assault Destroyer Assault Destroyer - Cost: $1500
This amphibious unit functions as a light tank when on land still capabable of crushing lesser units, but drive it into water where its function changes into a powerful naval cruiser.
Black Hole Armour Black Hole Armour
Back Hole Armour is truly a marvel of Allied engineering, allowing the destroyer to draw fire towards it whilst boosting its own armour to absorb massive amounts of damage for a short time. Great if a superweapon strike is heading your way.

Prospector Prospector - Cost: $1000
This Prospector is primarily used for the collection of Ore from nodes, both land-locked and sea-based, and transportation back to the refinery, however on the Allied side they are the key to base expansion.
Deploy Deploy
This unit can deploy into a Command Hub, this grants the Allied side ground control in the surrounding area allowing you to establish or expand a base. However each hub must be teched up individually.

Cryo Copter Cryo Copter - Cost: $1600
This rather mad sounding unit can freeze enemy units in a block of ice, stopping them in their tracks. Whilse frozen they become brittle and can easilly be shattered by even the weakest unit.
Shrink Beam Shrink Beam
No, it's not something out of a cheesy sci-fi film, its secondary weapon can really be used to shrink your foes to miniature sizes! Whilst in their shrunken form the unit moves faster, firepower and health are substantially reduced and its voice becomes comically high pitched, they can also be crushed.

Vindicator Vindicator - Cost: $1200
Allied bomber carries 2 bombs, seems fairly standard.
Return to Base Return to Base
Should hostile anti-air facilities threaten the Vindicator, this ability will engage auto-pilot and fire emergency afterburners to escape danger or rearm as quickly as possible.

Century Bomber Century Bomber - Cost: $2000
The Century's primary role is one of carpet bombing; carrying a heavy enough payload to flatten a city block in a single run and armoured to sustain a pounding from AA-fire. It differs from the Soviet Kirov as it is impressively nimble and utilises VTOL technology to get into the air quickly and from small frontline airfields.
Century Bomber Parachutes
In addition to its impressive explosive payload, the Century can also transport infantry across the battlefield and parachute them anywhere you choose.

Apollo Fighter Apollo Fighter - Cost: $1000
The Apollo Fighter is the Allied air superiority aircraft. It's autocannon makes short work of any air units foolish enough to get within range, but its speed is so great that it can easily take out units anywhere on the battlefield before enemy commanders have had time to react. The cannon is forward mounted and its range of movement does not allow for targeting of terrestrial units.
Return to Base Return to Base
Should hostile anti-air facilities threaten the Apollo, this ability will engage auto-pilot and fire emergency afterburners to escape danger or rearm as quickly as possible.




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