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In addition to the abilities listed below, all tech structures grant ground control, allowing you to build off them.

Spike Tiberium Spike - Cost: $N/A
When captured, these structures provide a steady flow of cash by extracting Tiberium deposits deep underground.

Mutant Hovel Mutant Hovel - Cost: $N/A
Provides the best anti-infantry and anti-air infantry in the game; the Mutant Marauder.

Defensive Tower Tiberium Spike - Cost: $N/A
These towers are equipped with a large gatling cannon to harass passing enemies.

Expansion Point Expansion Point - Cost: $N/A
The expansion point grants you ground control over the surrounding area, allowing you to construct buildings without the need for an expansion unit (such as the Nod Emissary).

Subway Hub Subway Hub - Cost: $N/A
Capturing the Subway Hub allows units to traverse the map instantly via any Subway Entrance.

Subway Entrance Subway Entrance - Cost: $N/A
Once the Subway Hub has been captured, units can enter and exit via any Subway Entrance.

Tiberium Silo Tiberium Silo - Cost: $N/A
These civilian Tiberium Silos can be captured for a one-time cash bonus.

Reinforcement Bay Reinforcement Bay - Cost: $N/A
Capturing the bay provides additional units with which to bolster your forces.

EMP Control Centre EMP Control Centre - Cost: $N/A
Once captured and the EMP systems charged, you can deploy an Electromagnetic Pulse onto the battlefield, disabling all units and structures within its radius.




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