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OS - MS-DOS 5.0 or higher,
Processor - 486/66Hz Intel Pentium,
Memory - 8 MB RAM,
Hard Drive - 20 MB Free Space,
CD - 2 Speed,
Graphics - VGA (320*200 pixels, 256 colours),
Sound - Sounds Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro, Sound Blaster 16, Sound Blaster AWE32 and 100% compatible Sound Blaster cards.

IPX Networks - 2-8 Players over IPX compatible network,
Modem - 2 players over minimim 14,400 baud modem.
Input - Keyboard and 100% Microsoft compatible mouse required.

This is the minimum specification you computer must meet to run the game. Increased performance will be noticed on more powerful systems.

You must own Command & Conquer to play this expansion pack (compatible with both DOS and Gold versions).




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