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Oil Derrick Oil Derrick - Cost: $N/A
When captured, these structures give a one-time "finders fee" and a steady flow of cash as long as it exists.

Outpost Outpost - Cost: $N/A
The Outpost operates in exactly the same as manner as a Service Depot, except it can defend itself against land and air attacks. You can only use it to repair friendly units once you have captured it.

Airport Airport - Cost: $N/A
As soon as it is captured Paratroopers begin to be trained, when it is completed, you can call in a Badger Bomber to drop several GIs or Conscripts anywhere on the map. However the Bomber can be destroyed by enemy anti-aircraft fire and any troops which have not dropped will die.

Hospital Hospital - Cost: $N/A
Injured infantry can be sent into the Hospital, when they come out, they will be fully healed.




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