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Renegade: Command & Conquer mode, or "C&C Mode", is a multi-player game where two teams of players - GDI vs. Nod - attempt to destroy the other's base. Each base functions in a fashion similar to a typical Command & Conquer base: Harvesters gather Tiberium and take it to the Tiberium Refinery for processing, Power Plants supply power to other base structures, etc. As part of the game, you can 'purchase' different character classes (Engineer, Rocket Soldier, etc.) and vehicles (Tanks, Buggies, etc.) with credits earned from kills or from Tiberium processed from your Tiberium Refinery. To win, you must destroy all of your enemy's base buildings or place the 'end game' beacon (Ion Cannon or Nuke) in the enemy base. Destroying the Harverster reduces the credits the team recieves, however, you can still get a trickle of credits from the Silo which refines the Tiberium further. The other way to get credits is to kill the enemy or repair friendly units.

Purchase Terminal Purchase Terminal - Cost: $N/A
This is where you can upgrade (or downgrade) your character class, purchase vehicles, or refill you health, armour and ammo.

End-Game-Pedestal End-Game-Pedestal - Cost: $N/A
This is where Super Weapons Beacons are placed to end the game. There is one located in the GDI Barracks and one in the Hand of Nod, if an enemy manages to sneak in and place the beacon here, it's all over. So there should always be someone guarding it.

Super Weapon Beacons Super Weapon Beacons - Cost: $N/A
These small contraptions emit an ultra low frequency signal which allow for acurate targeting from Super Weapons. If placed anywhere on the battlefield it will cause devistation. However, if placed in a building, it will most likely destroy it. If placed on the End-Game-Pedestal, the game will be over.
The beacon takes a few seconds to arn and you cannot move or shoot while arming it. After it is armed, you have a minute to evacuate the area. the only way to stop an attack if for an Engineer/Hotwire/Technician to difuse it with his Gizmo in the is time.




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