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Thanks to Steven W. Carter for this walkthrough.

GDI Missions
Mission 1: Reinforce Phoenix Base
Mission 2: Secure the Region
Mission 3: Capture Train Station
Mission 4: Secure Crash Site
Mission 5: Defend Crash Site
Mission 6: Destroy Radar Array
Mission 7: Rescue Tratos
Mission 8: Destroy Vega's Dam
Mission 9: Destroy Vega's Base
Mission 10: Capture Hammerfest Base
Mission 11: Retrieve Disruptor Crystal
Mission 12: Rescue Prisoners
Mission 13: Destroy Chemical Supply
Mission 14: Mine Power Grid
Mission 15: Destroy Chemical Missile Plant
Mission 16: Destroy Prototype Facility
Mission 17: Weather the Storm
Mission 18: Final Conflict
Nod Missions
Mission 1: The Messiah Returns
Mission 2: Retaliation
Mission 3: Free Rebel Commander
Mission 4: Destroy Hassan's Temple
Mission 5: Blackout
Mission 6: Eviction Notice
Mission 7: Salvage Operation
Mission 8: Capture Umagon
Mission 9: Sheep's Clothing
Mission 10: Escort Bio-toxin Trucks
Mission 11: Destroy GDI Research Facility
Mission 12: Rescue the Villainess
Mission 13: Protect Waste Convoys
Mission 14: Destroy Mammoth Mk. II Prototype
Mission 15: Capture Jake McNeil
Mission 16: Illegal Data Transfer
Mission 17: A New Beginning




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