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Thanks to ClevaTreva for this walkthrough. So give them a visit!

Allies Missions
Mission 1: Lone Guardian
Mission 2: Eagle Dawn
Mission 3: Hail to the Chief
Mission 4: Last Chance
Mission 5: Dark Night
Mission 6: Liberty
Mission 7: Deep Sea
Mission 8: Free Gateway
Mission 9: Sun Temple
Mission 10: Mirage
Mission 11: Fallout
Mission 12: ChronoStorm
Soviet Missions
Mission 1: Red Dawn
Mission 2: Hostile Shore
Mission 3: Big Apple
Mission 4: Home Front
Mission 5: City of Lights
Mission 6: Sub-Divide
Mission 7: Chrono Defence
Mission 8: Desecration
Mission 9: The Fox and the Hound
Mission 10: Weathered Alliance
Mission 11: Red Revolution
Mission 12: Polar Storm



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