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Command Centre Command Centre - Cost: $2000
All life for your campaign begins here. It is needed to build Construction Dozers, which are required to build and repair your base. It also houses the Radar and is the place from which you can unleash several generals abilities.

Cold Fusion Reactor Cold Fusion Reactor - Cost: $800
This structure provides the power that is essential to the USA's war effort; it produces a substantial amount of power. The Control Rods upgrade is recommended.
Control Rods Control Rods - Cost: $500
Increases the output of the reactor by 100 %.

Supply Centre Supply Centre - Cost: $2000
The Supply Centre provides the essential cash flow needed to fund your campaigns. When completed, a Chinook will automatically head off and collect supplies, defending the Chinook and structure is important as they are an easy target for enemy commanders, in the early game you will be helpless without one.

Barracks Barracks - Cost: $600
This structure allows you to train troops and build base defences. Later, more defences and infantry will become available. All infantry can be sent back into the barracks to receive medical treatment.
Capture Building Capture Building - Cost: $1000
Enables Rangers to capture both enemy and neutral structures. It takes time for a structure to be captured, and the unit doing the capturing is vulnerable while doing so. If the capturing unit is killed while capturing, the structure returns to its original owner.
Flash bangs Flash bangs - Cost: $800
Increases the Ranger's anti-infantry effectiveness and enables them to storm an enemy building to flush the occupants out.

War Factory War Factory - Cost: $2000
This building enables the construction of tanks, transports, and all other vehicles, thus making it very important to you. Damaged vehicles can return to the factory to be repaired.
TOW Missiles TOW Missiles - Cost: $1200
Equips Humvees with missiles, increasing their anti-armour and anti-structure capabilities.

Airfield Airfield - Cost: $1000
The Airfield allows you to construct, rearm and repair aircraft. Only 4 aircraft can occupy each Airfield. The Comanche does not require the airfield to rearm as it does that in the field.
Rocket Pods Rocket Pods - Cost: $800
Equips the Comanche with rockets, increasing their anti-armour and anti-structure capabilities as they now fire rockets in barrages.
Laser Missiles Laser Missiles - Cost: $1500
Increases the potency of the missiles fired by the Raptor and Stealth Fighter by 25 %.

Strategy Centre Strategy Centre - Cost: $2500
The Strategy Centre allows the construction of USA's more advanced structures. Another feature of the SC is the ability to initiate 'Battle Plans':
  • Search and Destroy - Increases the sight of all units by 20% and aids the detection of enemy stealth units.
  • Hold the Line - Increases the armour of all units and the SC itself by 20%.
  • Bombardment - Increases the firepower of all units by 20% and deploys a large cannon from the SC which can attack enemy units.
Advanced Training Advanced Training - Cost: $1500
All units gain veterancy at twice the normal speed.
Composite Armour Composite Armour - Cost: $2000
The enhanced armour affords and additional 40% protection for the Crusader and 20% for the Paladin Tank.
Drone Armour Drone Armour - Cost: $500
All drones gain a 20% armour upgrade.

Supply Drop Zone Supply Drop Zone - Cost: $2500
Enables a cash supply drop from the UN of $1500 every 2 minutes to provide a much needed cash boost. Remember, the plane can be shot down before or after it has dropped its cargo. The Supply Drop will become essential in longer games as the supply piles run out.

Patriot Battery Patriot Battery - Cost: $1000
The base defence of the USA. It unleashes a barrage of missiles specifically designed to take out armour. It can fire at both land and air targets. However the missiles are a little too slow for use against infantry. Multiple batterys can link together to take out particually strong targets.

Detention Camp Detention Camp - Cost: $1000
The Detention Camp actually has nothing to do with detaining people, from here you can activate the Intelligence special weapon which reveals a large area of terrain. In the revealed area you can see everything - including enemy movements.

Particle Cannon Particle Cannon - Cost: $5000
The Particle Cannon unleashes a beam of focused particles up into space where it is reflected back down via what is effectively a large mirror orbiting earth; the focused beam is so intense that it burns everything in its path. The advantage of this over other super weapons is that it can be controlled to destroy several key targets in one go.




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