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Thanks to GamingHyena for this walkthrough. So give them a visit!

China Missions
Mission 1: The Dragon Awakes
Mission 2: Hong Kong Crisis
Mission 3: A Flood of Violence
Mission 4: Broken Alliances
Mission 5: Scorched Earth
Mission 6: Dead in their Tracks
Mission 7: Nuclear Winter
GLA Missions
Mission 1: Back Rain
Mission 2: Aid Supplies Drop Zone
Mission 3: Chinese-occupied capital of Kazakhstan
Mission 4: Incirlik Air Base
Mission 5: Toxic Waste Containment and Storage Facility
Mission 6: Splinter Cell Controlled Region
Mission 7: Soviet Era Rocket Facility
USA Missions
Mission 1: Final Justice
Mission 2: Treasure Hunt
Mission 3: Guardian Angel
Mission 4: Stormbringer
Mission 5: Blue Eagle
Mission 6: Desperate Union
Mission 7: Last Call



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