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Westwood Studios was created in October 1985 by Brett Sperry and Louis Castle in Las Vegas. Since then the team has grown in size and, as well as creating the Real-Time Strategy (RTS) genre of game, they have produced some of the best games ever. Their games list includes the Dune Series of games, the Kyrandia trilogy, Nox, Earth and Beyond and, of course, the Command & Conquer series of games.

In 1999 when Electronic Arts purchased Westwood Studios and VIE Pacific from Virgin Interactive, VIE Pacific became Westwood Pacific. Westwood Pacific produced NOX, Red Alert 2 and Yuris Revenge. At the start of 2002 Westwood Pacific split from Westwood Studios and became EA Pacific, and also announced C&C Generals.

In January 2003 Electronic Arts announced that they were merging EA Pacific, EA LA and Westwood Studios into a huge new development studio in Los Angeles. In effect this was closing the studio and moving some of the staff to the new studio. That's a huge step from two friends working in a garage in Las Vegas.

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