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Saboteur Saboteur - Cost: $800
As the name would suggest, the Saboteur is trained for sabotage, he is stealthed, can climb cliffs - making him perfect for sneaking into the back of enemy bases and powering down a building for a time making it useless. If he infiltrates a Command Centre, all Generals Abilities are reset. Once a saboteur enters a building you will no longer have control over him and must train another one.

Combat Cycle Combat Cycle - Cost: $500
The fastest land unit on the battlefield, the Combat Cycle is not designed for combat, but recon and hit and run attacks in numbers against isolated units, it's quite handy then that they can scale almost every type of terrain - aint no mountain high enough!

Battle Bus Battle Bus - Cost: $1000
Not just any bus, the Battle Bus can be fortified with up to 8 infantry, because these infantry can fire out of the windows, it can be used as an APC or offensive unit. When it is destroyed, the shell remains to provide cover for the infantry inside.




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