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Announced: 8th March 2002
Released: 12th February 2003

Soviets defeated, Romanov in the Tower Of London, Russia in ruins, what could be better?

Yuri. He has escaped our grasp, betrayed the Soviets and formed his own war machine hell-bent on mind-controlling the world with a network of 'Psychic Dominator' devices which force incocent civilians to carry out his evil will.
As soon as the Allies found out about this, the President ordered an airstrike of the Dominator on Alcatraz Island, unfortunatelly, it failed but managed to damage the power, bying some more time.

While the rest of the world is enslaved, the Allies plan to use Einstein's Time Machine to destroy these devices while they were still under construction. Of course, the Soviets want to punish Yuri for betraying them and use the Time Machine to change the outcome of the previous war!

The game features new units, structures and abilities as well as new missions and multiplayer maps. The biggest feature is the ability to control Yuri's phychic legions using devious weapons based on forbidden technologies: psychic, genetics and cloning! 3 armies in C&C for the first time ever!

Requires Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 to play.
Command & Conquer Yuri's Revenge was developed by Westwood Studios in Las Vegas and Irvine, California for Electronic Arts.




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