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Conscript Conscript - Cost: $100
The Conscript is the basic form of infantry on the Soviet side, a side that has always opted for the "overwhelm them with sheer numbers" tactic when it comes to infantry arming them with a sense of patriotism rather than expensive weaponry or armour.
Molotov cocktails Molotov cocktails
Molatovs are most effective against groups of infantry or garrisoned troops. They can also be thrown over a Peace Keeper's riot shield.

Combat Engineer Combat Engineer - Cost: $500
Engineers offer a wide array of strategic options in battle. One engineer has the potential to capture an enemy building, repair your own structures by entering them and restoring them to full health. They can also capture the neutral technology buildings such as oil derricks. However despite the pistol with which they are armed, engineers are reasonably slow and very vulnerable so need to be protected.
Battle Bunker Battle Bunker
The engineer can quickly erect a bunker into which infantry can take cover to increase their resistance to enemy fire.

War Bear War Bear - Cost: $225
Sounding like something out of the His Dark Materials books, these armoured bears have no difficulty in mauling enemy infantry.
Amplified Growl Amplified Growl
Bears have been equipped with an amplifier to stun enemies with their terrifying growl.

Flak Trooper Flak Trooper - Cost: $300
The trusty Flak Trooper is still here from the previous war. Useful for attacking both ground and air targets, although it is best used against aircraft and infantry units. The flak trooper fires explosive flak that can smother a group of infantry if they are close together.
Magnetic Mines Magnetic Mines
These mines deal huge amounts of damage to the targeted unit, however the trooper needs to get pretty close so it can end in a suicide run.

Tesla Trooper Tesla Trooper - Cost: $750
Tesla power is back and bigger than ever, so it's only right that the Tesla Trooper puts in an appearance, its portable tesla coil emits a weak tesla charge, frying enemy infantry and melting armour. They can be stationed around Tesla towers to increase their range and damage. They can also power a Tesla coil even if your power is sabotaged or falls dramatically.
EM Disruptors EM Disruptors
With a quick adjustment of the tesla manifolds the Trooper's weapon can be reconfigured to deliver Electromagnetic Pulses, disabling vehicles and leaving them sitting targets.

Natasha Natasha - Cost: $2000
It looks like Tanya has finally met her match in the form of Natasha; a Soviet war hero. She is armed with a sniper rifle for taking out infantry from long range and can call in an airstrike to destroy enemy structures.
Pilot Snipe Pilot Snipe
She is such a sharp shooter he can take out drivers of vehicles leaving them free for any infantry to hop in and bring under your control.

Terror Drone Terror Drone - Cost: $600
A terror drone is a tiny spider-like robotic unit that attacks vehicles by jumping on them and dismantling it from inside.
Electro Stasis Ray Electro Stasis Ray
Apparantly distinct from the Tesla Trooper's EMP ability, however the effect is much the same in halting enemy units in their tracks.

Sickle Sickle - Cost: $900
The Sickle has developed from the Terror Drone chassis of the previous war. Its independent machine guns can rip through infantry and similar tier 1 lightly armoured vehicles, but faces stiffer competition against tanks.
Flea Jump Flea Jump
The flea jump ability allows the Sickle to gain high ground from which its sight range is increased and can descend onto unsuspecting infantry, crushing them instantly.

Hammer Tank Hammer Tank - Cost: $1000
The Soviet tank has always been better armoured and more powerful than allied equivalent, but slower as a result. This trend continues.
Leech Beam Leech Beam
The Leech Beam is an interesting ability, it doesn't do much damage to a unit, but if a unit is destroyed when engaged it will be transferred to the Hammer Tank and fitted to the right hand side. This gives it two weapons for double the firepower! A leeched King Oni head is a sight to behold!

V4 Rocket Launcher V4 Rocket Launcher - Cost: $1200
The nearest thing to artillery in the Soviet arsenal, the V4 can punish bases from long range. The launcher itself is weak and can easily be destroyed, but the missiles it launches can decimate bases quickly and unlike the missiles fired by previous V-series launchers, cannot be shot down by enemy defences.
Multiwarheads Multiwarheads
Switching to multiwarhead mode before launch will transform the V4 rocket into a cluster missile, giving it a much wider damage radius at the cost of accuracy.

Bullfrog Transport Bullfrog Transport - Cost: $900
This amphibious unit is the result of continued development of the Flak Track unit deployed in the previous war; it can carry units across both land and sea and dispatch aircraft with ease thanks to its powerful Gatling cannon.
Man Cannon Man Cannon
When it comes to ejecting units from the Bullfrog they don't simply climb out the door, they are fired out of the "man cannon"! This enables you to bypass enemy ground defences, although you will be vulnerable to air defence whilst parachuting to the ground.

Apocalypse Assault Tank Apocalypse Assault Tank - Cost: $2000
This is by far the most powerful tank in the game of either side, as it has a powerful twin barrelled gun and what looks like a third upgradable cannon. The Apocalypse tank is reasonably fast considering its huge size, and can ensure a lot of enemy fire before it is destroyed.
M Harpoon M Harpoon
The M Harpoon can drag any metallic vehicles towards the vicious grinders on the front of the Apoc, instantly destroying the unit and converting it to funds for the great Soviet war machine.

Sputnik Sputnik - Cost: $1200
The Sputnik's one and only function is to form an outpost from which Soviet base expansion can continue; it provides a large build radius around it.
Deploy Deploy
This unit can deploy to grant the a Soviet commander ground control in the surrounding area allowing you to establish or expand a base.

Ore Collector Ore Collector - Cost: $1400
This unit is primarily used for the collection of Ore from nodes, both land-locked and sea-based, and transportation back to the refinery. Without one your army will be crippled, so it's essential you keep them defended and alive.
Chobham Armor Chobham Armor
Equips the harvester with the protection afforded by armour plating, however the extra weight has a negative impact on the unit's speed.

Stingray Stingray - Cost: $1000
Tesla technology finally makes the transition to the high seas, but it's not restricted there; the Stingray is amphibious, sprouting legs to walk across land. Unfortunately this does render the Tesla Tank somewhat redundant, but electricity + water makes for a powerful combination.
Tesla Surge Tesla Surge
By directing the tesla transformers downwards into the sea, the Stingray can perform an electrical attack on a number of units sitting on the water. The range is limited by the natural resistance of the water and the attack will eventually dissipate over distance.

Dreadnought Dreadnought - Cost: $2000
The Dreadnought is the Soviet version of the Allied aircraft carrier. It attacks by firing two missiles (similar to those on the V4) which have an enormous range and can take out any target with ease. The problem with the Dreadnought is that it is very slow, and takes a very long time to turn.
Sacrifice Launchers Sacrifice Launchers
Activating this ability commands the ship's crew to ignore all safety and operation regulations and fire missiles as fast as possible, creating a devastating barrage. However this does have a detrimental effect on the ship's structure and if used for extended period will cause it to break apart.

Akula Akula - Cost: $1800
The Akula ("Shark") submarine fires exclusively at water-based targets and like all previous Soviet submarines must surface to fire its deadly barrage.
Ultra Torpeedos Ultra Torpeedos
The tracking system is removed from a torpedo and replaced with extra explosives, this deals out more damage but they will travel in a straight line until they hit something.

Twinblade Twinblade - Cost: $1200
A helicopter armed with both rockets and machine guns with near limitless supplies of ammunition for excellent aerial harassment against both infantry and armoured targets, however its piece de resistance lies in its alternate ability.
Airlift Airlift
With an impressive lifting strength, the Twinblade can carry most vehicles across the map. Obvious exceptions include things like the Apoc tank and Dreadnought. Alternatively you can use it for infantry transport, but not whilst simultaneously carrying a vehicle.

MiG Fighter MiG Fighter - Cost: $1000
The latest incarnation of the infamous MiG fighter series. It's M-Type burst missiles makes short work of any air units foolish enough to get within range, but its speed is so great that it can easily take out units anywhere on the battlefield before enemy commanders have had time to react. The launcher is forward mounted and its range of movement does not allow for targeting of terrestrial units.
Return to Base Return to Base
Should hostile anti-air facilities threaten the MiG, this ability will engage auto-pilot and fire emergency afterburners to escape danger or rearm as quickly as possible.

Kirov Airship Kirov Airship - Cost: $2500
These Zeppelins are extremely strong and by the time it's within the range of your base defences, it will be too late. The Kirov drops massive payloads of heavy bombs without the need to reload. Its main weakness is its slow speed, but this can be overcome by its secondary ability.
Gastroburners Gastroburners
By releasing a unique chemical compound into the balloon itself, the engines can propel the Kirov at a great speed. However these chemicals are highly corrosive and cause damage to the airship after prolonged usage.

Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV) Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV) - Cost: $5000
The MCV is the most important ground unit at the start of any game, as it forms the heart of your base, and allows you to produce structures and defences. If you lose your only MCV in battle, then you can no longer expand your base, and so every building you lose you cannot replace, unless you build another MCV, which are very expensive.
Deploy Deploy
This unit can deploy to grant the a Soviet commander ground control in the surrounding area allowing you to establish or expand a base.




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