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Conscript Conscript - Cost: $100
The Conscript is the basic form of infantry on the Soviet side. Compared to the Allied GI, the conscript is very weak, as it does not have the option to deploy and use a heavy machine gun. However it is worth remembering that the conscript only costs half as much as an allied GI. Conscripts are extremely vulnerable on their own, and should be in large groups at all times to compensate for their lack of firepower.

Engineer Engineer - Cost: $200
Engineers are unarmed infantry units, but offer a wide array of strategic options in battle. One engineer has the potential to capture a building, and can be used to destroy or repair bridges by entering the bridge hut. Engineers can also repair your own buildings by entering them, and restoring them to full health. They can also capture the neutral technology buildings such as oil derricks. However despite these advantages, engineers are reasonably slow and very vulnerable and need to be protected.

Flak Trooper Flak Trooper - Cost: $300
This unit is useful for attacking both ground and air targets, although it is best used against aircraft and infantry units. The flak trooper fires explosive flak that can smother a group of infantry if they are close together. They are excellent against Rocketeers, but in order to stop Harriers you need to have large group of them. Despite their ability to target aerial attacks, they are very weak and should never be at the front line of your base.

Tesla Trooper Tesla Trooper - Cost: $500
Its portable tesla coil emits a weak tesla charge, frying most infantry in 3 shots and in numbers can take out Grizzlies Although they are not as fast as some infantry units, they can be stationed around Tesla towers to increase their range and damage. They can also power a Tesla coil even if your power is sabotaged or falls dramatically.

Crazy Ivan Crazy Ivan - Cost: $600
To a Crazy Ivan, almost everything is a weapon. This excellent unit offers a wealth of strategic options. Although the Crazy Ivan cannot fire at an enemy, he can plant bombs on anything, ranging from units and structures to cows!

Attack Dog Attack Dog - Cost: $600
The attack dog is your first, last and only defence against enemy spies sabotaging your base. Attack dogs are very cheap to produce, but are very vulnerable to attack. They are excellent against enemy infantry, they can cut down a batallion in seconds. Best used in combination with other infantry, this makes up for their lack of strength, as the enemy will attack all of your troops, and not just the attack dogs.

Yuri Yuri - Cost: $1200
Yuri has no conventional weapons, instead he uses his mind to control enemy units making them yours. Unfortunatly, Yuri must follow the unit and if he is killed, the unit will return to the original owner's side. If he is being overwhelmed, he can boil the brains of the attackers, killing them instantly. Yuri cannot Mind Control War Miners, Chrono Miners, Dogs, Aircraft, Terror Drones, Squids and Dolphins or other Yuris.

Chrono Ivan Chrono Ivan - Cost: $1000
Available once your spy has infiltrated an Allied Battle Lab. The Chrono Ivan combines the self-destructive abilities of the vanilla Crazy Ivan with the chronoshifting abilities of the Allies. His only use is as a last-ditch effort to take out a unit or structure that would otherwise put an end to your campaign.

Yuri Prime Yuri Prime - Cost: $2000
Available once your spy has infiltrated a Soviet Battle Lab. With a build limit of 1, Yuri Prime is a special unit indeed - he posesses the ability to mind control units from over 1 screen away! This means you can keep him at a safe distance whilst causing havoc from within an enemy base. As with the normal Yuri, Yuri Prime has the ability to boil the mind of any unit that gets too close for comfort.

Rhino Heavy Tank Rhino Heavy Tank - Cost: $900
The Rhino tank is more powerful and stronger than the Allied Grizzly tank, but it is more expensive and is slower in combat. The Rhino is geared purely towards firepower, and is extremely effective against structures and other vehicles. The Rhino is the most balanced Soviet ground vehicle, as nearly all of the other units are extremely powerful and very slow, or very quick but very weak.

Flak Track Flak Track - Cost: $500
This unit is the main Soviet scout, and it is very cheap to produce, fast but very weak. It is capable of storing up to 5 infantry units, and can use its small flack cannon to target aircraft as well as ground targets. It is best used to transport your key infantry units around the map, and to attack vulnerable groups of enemy infantry. Compared to the Allied IFV, the flak track is a weak unit that does not have the advantage of altering its weapon configuration depending on which unit is put inside. However the flak track can carry 5 units, whereas the IFV can transport only 1 unit at a time.

V3 Rocket Launcher V3 Rocket Launcher - Cost: $800
This is my favourite Soviet unit, as although it is extremely weak, slow and can easily be destroyed by a GI, the V3 has an incredible range. The nearest thing to artillery in the Soviet arsenal, the V3 can punish poorly air defended bases from long range. The launcher itself is weak and can easily be destroyed, but the missiles it launches can decimate bases quickly.

Terror Drone Terror Drone - Cost: $500
A terror drone is a tiny spider-like robotic unit that attacks vehicles by jumping on them and dismantling it from inside. Once a terror drone is inside a vehicle, it will be rapidly destroyed unless the vehicle can quickly get to a service depot or chronoshift. Although the terror drone is very fast, it is extremely weak and can be killed by fire from a deployed GI. Terror drones can also attack infantry units.

Apocalypse Assault Tank Apocalypse Assault Tank - Cost: $1750
This is by far the most powerful tank in the game of either side, as it has a powerful twin barrelled gun, as well as missiles to target enemy aircraft. The Apocalypse tank is reasonably fast considering its huge size, and can ensure a lot of enemy fire before it is destroyed. An elite Apocalypse tank is unstoppable, as it fires 4 shells in each volley.

War Miner War Miner - Cost: $1400
The War Miner is your main source of collecting resources to turn into money to enable you to purchase structures and units to defeat your opponent. It is equipped with an anti-infantry cannon, can harvest twice the amount that the Chrono Miner can but cannot chronoshift, and when elite status is reached it boasts the same weapon as the Grizzly Battle Tank.

Kirov Airship Kirov Airship - Cost: $2000
These Zepplins are the only air unit in the Soviet army, it is extremely strong and by the time it's within the range of your base defences, it will be too late. The Kirov drops massive payloads of heavy bombs without the need to reload. Its main weakness is its slow speed, so get some Aegis cruisers and IFVs out there!

Amphibious Transport Amphibious Transport - Cost: $900
The AT can carry 12 infantry and 4 vehicles over land and sea. It has no weapons and can crush enemy infantry. It is the Soviet's only method by which to transport units over water.

Typhoon Attack Sub Typhoon Attack Sub - Cost: $1000
This is the standard Soviet naval unit at your disposal. The Typhoon attack submarine is completely invisible whilst it travels underwater to the target, and when it fires its torpedoes. This makes the submarine much more tactically viable, as on Red Alert the submarine had to surface before firing, giving away its position. However the attack submarine can be detected by Allied destroyers.

Dreadnought Dreadnought - Cost: $1200
The Dreadnought is the Soviet version of the Allied aircraft carrier. It attacks by firing two missiles (similar to those on the V3) which have an enormous range. They can take out any target with ease, but the missiles can quite easilly be shot down. The problem with the Dreadnought is that it is very slow, and takes a very long time to actually turn.

Sea Scorpion Sea Scorpion - Cost: $600
This stupid, even deranged little unit is very feeble and weak, and is completely worthless in attacking anything except Rocketeers. The flak that it fires can stop rocketeers, but in order to stop Harriers you need to have a large group of them. These units are also excellent scouts, as they are cheap and very fast.

Giant Squid Giant Squid - Cost: $1000
The giant squid is a stealth unit like the submarine, and is the fastest Soviet naval unit. It attacks by grabbing enemy ships with its tentacles and rocking them back and to in order to inflict damage. Although this takes time, it can completely disable an enemy navy. The only way to remove a squid from a stricken ship is to use the dolphin to fire a sonar beam at it.

Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV) Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV) - Cost: $3000
The MCV is the most important ground unit at the start of any game, as it forms the heart of your base, and allows you to produce structures and defences. If you lose your only MCV in battle, then you can no longer expand your base, and so every building you lose you cannot replace, unless you build another MCV, which are very expensive.




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