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The Forgotten from Tiberian Sun seem to have been left out of Tiberium Wars, Tiberium life forms also play a much smaller part; there being only two.

Mutant Marauder Mutant Marauder - Cost: $600
These terrifying once-human creatures have been mutated by exposure to Tiberium. Exiled by the rest of society they live in hovels willing to ally with any faction and provide the services of their high-power chain gun. Their Tiberium mutations mean they can heal in Tiberium.

Visceroid Visceroid - Cost: $N/A
These faceless creatures are the result of direct exposure to Tiberium crystals. If an unprotected infantry unit perishes in a Tiberium field it may mutate into a Visceroid and will attack anything - whilst constantly regenerating.




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