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Command Centre Command Centre - Cost: $2000
All life for your campaign begins here. It is needed to train Workers, which are required to build and repair your base. It is also the place from which you can unleash several generals abilities.

Supply Stash Supply Stash - Cost: $1500
The Supply Stash provides the essential cash flow needed to fund your campaigns. When completed, a Worker will automatically head off and collect supplies, defending the Worker and structure is important as they are an easy target for enemy commanders, in the early game you will be helpless without one.

Barracks Barracks - Cost: $500
This structure allows you to train troops and build base defences. Later, more defences and infantry will become available. All infantry can be sent back into the barracks to receive medical treatment.
Capture Building Capture Building - Cost: $1000
Enables Rebels to capture both enemy and neutral structures. It takes time for a structure to be captured, and the unit doing the capturing is vulnerable while doing so. If the capturing unit is killed while capturing, the structure returns to its original owner.

Arms Dealer Arms Dealer - Cost: $2500
This building enables the construction of tanks, transports, and all other vehicles, thus making it very important to you. Damaged vehicles can return to the dealer to be repaired.
Scorpion Rocket Scorpion Rocket - Cost: $1000
Equips Scorpions with missiles, increasing their anti-armour and structure capabilities.

Palace Palace - Cost: $2500
The Palace allows the construction of the GLA's more advanced structures. Another feature of the palace is the ability to garrison infantry inside for additional defence of this important building.
Arm the Mob Arm the Mob - Cost: $1000
Gives every member of the mob an AK-47, increasing the mob's damage by 100 %!
Toxin Shells Toxin Shells - Cost: $1000
Equips Scorpions and Marauders with shells containing small amounts of anthrax, increasing their anti-infantry effectiveness.
Anthrax Beta Anthrax Beta - Cost: $2500
Ups the strength of anthrax used by toxin units by 25 %
Camouflage Camouflage - Cost: $800
Renders the Rebel invisible to the enemy until they are in close proximity to enemy units or firing.

Black Market Black Market - Cost: $2500
The GLA sell illegal arms and other nefarious schemes to generate a tidy cash flow. The Black Market will become essential in longer games as the supply piles run out..
Junk Repair Junk Repair - Cost: $2000
All GLA vehicles automatically regenerate health in the field.
AP Rockets AP Rockets - Cost: $2000
Increases the damage done by each rocket by your units by 25%.
Junk Repair Junk Repair - Cost: $2000
All GLA vehicles automatically regenerate health in the field.
Buggy Ammo Buggy Ammo - Cost: $1200
Increases the number of rockets the Rocket Buggy can unleash in a single barrage by 100 %!
Radar Scan Radar Scan - Cost: $500
Reveals a large amount of terrain. In the revealed area you can see everything - including enemy movements.

Tunnel Network Tunnel Network - Cost: $800
All you see of the network is simply the entrances that are guarded by 2 RPG Troopers and a small AP turret. The tunnels themselves can hold up to 10 infantry or vehicles. Units can enter via one entrance and be instantly exited via another on the other side of the map!

Demo Trap Demo Trap - Cost: $400
The Demo Trap is a barrel strapped with explosives and camouflaged, when an enemy unit runs over it, the trap explodes taking the unit with it.

Stinger Site Stinger Site - Cost: $900
The ultimate in defensive structures, the Stinger provides unparalleled anti-armour and air cover. There are 3 infantry inside the small outpost, each armed with a Stinger Rocket Launcher and each fire independently. The disadvantage is that these infantry can be killed, leaving you with an empty outpost, however they are automatically replaced over time.

SCUD Storm SCUD Storm - Cost: $5000
When charged, the GLA can unleash this weapon. The missile barrage destroys units and structures in a devastating attack, but not only that; it leaves behind deadly anthrax that kills infantry instantly and damages vehicles.




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