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Announced: 8th March 2002
Released: 12th February 2003

Generals is Command & Conquer's first completely 3D game, however it features neither Nod vs. GDI or Allies vs. Soviets, but a new combination of USA vs. China vs. GLA (Global Liberation Army).

The Global Liberation Army otherwise known as the GLA, is a terrorist organization that is based in Central Asia and the Middle East, which has cells located around the globe. Their weapon arsenal is basically from the 1970's (so 30 years old). The main objective of the GLA is to seek revenge on China for trying to kick them out of their homeland. However in being a terrorist they are not just happy in doing that objective, and so they must draw in the rest of the world, and to do this they send a successful biochemical missile to Europe, and a failed attempt at the US.

In China the older government has finally been taken over by the youth and they are now trying to establish themselves as a world leader politically, militarily, and economically. But the only thing standing in their way is the GLA, who has been a thorn in their side. Every time they shut down one terrorist cell two or more would pop-up somewhere else. Even worse is that the GLA seems to have contacts in the Chinese military so they have access to Chinese tanks, planes, guns, and intelligence, which makes dealing with them harder than it already is. All they know for sure is that if they ever find out who is supplying the GLA, that person would die a thousand deaths.

The United States of America is brought into the conflict when the GLA decides to launch a biochemical missile at the mainland of the US. The United States was however able to intercept the incoming missile, and destroy it, but in doing so it still contaminates the majority of the world. And with this act against the United States they were thus forced to deal with the GLA situation, a situation that they had decided to ignore up till now.

Now the main powers of the world are engaged in a 3 way battle for victory.

Command & Conquer Generals brings about many changes for the C&C Series, first of all it no-longer boasts the Westwood Studios logo following their consolidation into EA. Secondly the bar has been moved to the bottom of the screen, this seems to serve no purpose. Generals introduces an experience system, as you kill more of your enemy's units you gain access to new abilities such as Paradrops and Fuel Air Bombs.

Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour was developed by EA Pacific.




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