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Generals 2: 2013
Tiberian Twilight: 16th March 2010
Uprising: Released 12th March 2009
Red Alert 3: Released 28th October 2008
Kane's Wrath: Released 24th March 2008
Tiberium Wars: Released 30th March 2007
The First Decade: Released 7th February 2006
Zero Hour: Released 22nd September 2003
Generals: Released 12th February 2003
Renegade: Released 25th February 2002
Yuri's Revenge: Released 12th February 2003
Red Alert 2: Released April 27th 2000
Firestorm: Released 29th February 2000
Tiberian Sun: Released 31st July 1999
Sole Survivor: Released: 30th November 1997
Aftermath: Released 30th September 1997
Counterstrike: Released 1st March 1997
Red Alert: Released 31st October 1996
Covert Ops: Released 30th April 1996
Tiberian Dawn: Released 31st August 1995




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