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Listening Outpost Listening Outpost - Cost: $800
Enables you to monitor enemy movements in a wide radius. Very similar to the GLA Radar Van except with a larger radius, it comes fortified with 2 Tank Hunters for defence. Due the immense power load required to operate the stealth system - the Listening Outpost is only stealthed when immobile.

Helix Helix - Cost: $1500
This large helicopter can be upgraded with either a Gattling Cannon, Battle Bunker or Speaker Tower (in a similar fashion to the Overlord Tank), not only that, but Napalm can be dropped! The Helix is also China's fastest method of transport for infantry and vehicles; it is equipped with a small machine gun.
Helix Gattling Cannon Helix Gattling Cannon - Cost: $1200
Upgrades the Helix with a Gattling Cannon on top, providing anti-air and anti-infantry abilities.
Helix Speaker Tower Helix Speaker Tower - Cost: $500
Plonks a Speaker Tower underneath the Helix meaning it can heal other units in the field.
Helix Battle Bunker Helix Battle Bunker - Cost: $400
Sticks a Battle Bunker on side of the Helix which enables you to place extra troops inside for extra firepower!
Helix Napalm Bomb Helix Napalm Bomb - Cost: $800
Purchacing this upgrade enables the Helix to drop Napalm on a target, causing utter devistation.

ECM Tank ECM Tank - Cost: $800
The Electronic Counter-Measures Tank utilises a frequency jammer to scramble the targeting systems of approaching enemy missiles and rockets, throwing them off target and thus protecting China against long-range attack. It can adapt its frequency to disable the electrical components in vehicles.




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