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Paladin Tank Paladin Tank - Cost: 1 Star General
Enables you to build the Paladin Tank at the War Factory.

Stealth Fighter Stealth Fighter - Cost: 1 Star General
Enables you to build the Stealth Fighter at the Airfield.

Spy Drone Spy Drone - Cost: 1 Star General
Lets you deploy a small drone periodically that flies around above the target revealing all that goes on below. While the drone is stealthed, it can be detected and shot down.

Pathfinder Pathfinder - Cost: 3 Star General
Enables you to train the Pathfinder at the Barracks.

Paradrop Paradrop - Cost: 3 Star General
Gives you the ability to drop Rangers to any location on the battlefield. If the aeroplane is shot down by enemy anti-aircraft fire before it can drop the paratroopers, they are lost. The higher ranks of Paradrop drop more troops.

A10 Strike A10 Strike - Cost: 3 Star General
Calling in an A10 strike causes a number of A10s to fly in and pummel the target with minigun and rocket fire. There are three ranks, and the higher the rank the more the number of A10s that respond.

Emergency Repair Emergency Repair - Cost: 3 Star General
The ability to repair vehicles in a certain area of the battlefield. There are three ranks of Emergency Reapir and each has a larger area of effect and increased speed.

Fuel Air Bomb Fuel Air Bomb - Cost: 5 Star General
The Fuel Air Bomb is dropped from a B-52 aircraft and so can be shot down before it is dropped. The bomb dumps a load of flamable liquid into the air above its target which then detonates, causing a massive explosion!




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