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Traditionally multiplayer in C&C was maintained by Westwood Studios; they kept the server online, banned cheaters and spammers and provided prizes for ladder winners. Unfortunately EA does not show the same dedication - they seem to have a habit of shutting down online play for their games.

Now clearly we canít be having any of that, and as a result the fans have set up a replacement service for Westwood Online (WOL) called XWIS.

XWIS acts exactly the same as WOL - it is completely integrated into the game, the server is more reliable, cheaters are banned, prizes are available and chat is enabled. The following C&C games are supported by Strike Team:

  • Tiberian Dawn & Covert Operations
  • Red Alert, Counterstrike & Aftermath
  • Tiberian Sun & Firestorm
  • Red Alert 2 & Yuri's Revenge
  • Renegade

Other games by Westwood Studios are supported.

You donít need to do anything special to access the XWIS service, as of 20th October 2005 XWIS has replaced WOL as the official online matchmaker service Ė all you need to do is click the "online" button in the game menu.

For more information on XWIS please refer to our other sections.




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