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Tiberian Twilight uses a different counter system to previous games, this page aims to explain precisely how it works and how this is illustrated on our unit information pages. Up until now there has always been a type of unit particularly powerful against another (eg rockets against tanks), however other weapons would also inflict damage.

But in TT there are a few select weapon types and a few select armour types. For each type of armour there is a weapon that is extremely effective against it, using any other type of weapon against it is like throwing stones at an F-18 fighter - completely useless! The table below shows these different types, and the coloured square shows which weapon is effective against which armour type. For example using a "gun" weapon against any "light" armoured unit would kill it in no time.

All the units in our unit information pages are displayed like this. Beneath the unit portrait is a small table with some key information that will prove vital in your battles. The cost value is fairly obvious; this is the number of Command Points needed to deploy the unit on the battlefield.

The weapon type value shows you what type of weapon the unit possesses, it is also colour coded. The same for the armour type value. Now the clever bit is the colour coding; the unit in this example is the Hurricane with a red weapon type, this means it will be super effective against any unit with a red armour type (eg. Engineers).

In this example, the Orca which is equiped with a rocket weapon type, should not be used against engineers as the colours do not match. It would take significantly longer for an Orca to kill an Engineer than a Hurricane. And now you know how the counter system works.




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