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By: Michael Bailey

Part I: Kane's Return

GDI Headquarters 16:34hrs 2062 - Commander, we have reports that the new epidemic of Tiberium poisoning has occurred. It is classified as epidemic H3B; it mutates them into a new type of Tiberium creature that has similar characteristics to the aliens found it the Sahara Fields in 2042. Yes, I have heard those reports, we are now designing a counter to their creatures it is called project Sovereign it is our new mobile command center which should allow us to cross the fields of the Arctic Palons. Arctic Palons? Yes, since we receded to Antarctica we have become aware that a new Tiberium Fiend has been derived, it is a water creature that live in the Arctic Fields, we have only seen slight glimpses of them since they only come out when approached, they too have biological weapons composed into there genetic code which we have learned from there waste products, they have two tentacles that attach to there back and fire a type of Tiberium acidic substance that will eat right through you but in the process decomposing your body creating a viseroid offspring. We are now creating a type of alloyed that can withstand a blast of there acidic weapon, we intend to use this on our ship the "Sovereign" and stand our new Air Vehicle the Orca Shark armed w/ two rail guns to protect our prototype, all being escorted by our new SSM Launcher the Eagle.

Temple of Nod 17:01hrs 2062 - My friends we are now dawning on a new era an era in which we will take control and rectify the threat of the earth, GDI. Though we have suffered severely we will still become victorious. We now have our two new prototypes online the Scorpion MFV and the Red Eye our Shield Tank. We have acquired from C.A.B.A.L a new infantry unit the Reaper which we our greatly proud to present to you. Since we have lost all contact with our mobile command center the "Montauk" we will be sending a reconnaissance mission to recover it and recover the lasting survivors from its brutal attack. Already we have send a dozen Scorpions to clear the Afroin Fields of Africa of all GDI and Forgotten soldiers that may reside in the area, You are dismissed and may Kane smile upon you, (crowd chants) The Technology of peace.

Afroin Fields Africa Sector C3 17:37hrs - (engines hum) Scorpion two this is Scorpion one we have hostels in sight, engage. (Shots of plasma HE hit the ground exploding) Scorpion 7-9 loses those SAM sites. (SAM Sites fire and hit Scorpion 7's tail) Scorpion one this is seven, drag unstable I am bailing, roger 7, I'll send a scout pod for ya. (Scorpion sevens ship hits the ground creating a desolitive explosion) Scorpion one to Home are is green, no casualties one down send recon pod. Roger one pod is on its way.

Scorpion One, Jack Simmons Afroin Fields 17:42hrs - Stupid piece of crap, (Jack kick Scorpion ship) Damn old piece of crap, they should put those new upgrades on our battalions Scorpions. All because of those tight wads, who think they need another raise for doing nothing, just wait tell I get back and I give them a reason to upgrade our scorpions. Just, uh, well I think I better go find some place camp I'll be for another 3 hours waiting for one of those damn slow pods. I wonder if anyone survived that explosion, only one to survive one of those type of explosions would be a tibeium mutant class G or a Type V. (Jack pulls out his Tiberium oxygen filter) I hope this thing hold up, yes these are our finest filters, yeah that's why my friend Arnesto died in a field of a faulty filter, man since Kane left things have really gone down hill. (Jack picks up a piece of trilithium alloyed, likely a piece of a alien Scrin) If I scout I may be able to find some more fragments of a, oh my go it's a where in the hell did that come from. An actual Scrin I wonder if it is still operational. (Jack walks up to the Scrin) Hijifilsa lausan fecth dosden pont, the language of the anchient alien leaders um........ Santis kas bont (door opens)

Temple of Nod 18:00hrs - God Damn it Lieutenant, you knew that we were using that Montauk nonsense to hide that we are going to try and recover the Scrin we have hiding under our Mobile Stealth Generator! If he walks into the field he will be able to see it, and we don't even have two guards down there we only have our one Cyborg Commando inside the field and you know they don't have the best peripheral vision if he tried he would be able to get past him and do you know what could happen if he got on that ship, and especially if he accessed it's time drive the affects could be tremendously terrible.

GDI Barracks of Orca Tiger Sharks 21:30hrs - Did you hear about the bombing in Afroin. Yeah, as a matter of fact I did I heard they wiped out all of the 101st battalions men, there is a rumor they are looking for some crashed alien space craft but all of our scans have turned up negative. (Computer voice: all men report to stations for briefing, men run down hall in groups) Men we have sufficient knowledge that the brotherhood has developed a new type of tank capable of cloaking objects similar to the way their stealth generator works susceptible to only infantry and, well since we defeated nod in the first Tiberium war, we devised an sensor array capable of penetrating nod stealth technology to help protect ourselves. We now are reading to have a full scale assault against any nod troops hiding in the area, to help us we are using our new prototype that we so wittingly stole from nod the Disrupter tank (Disrupter tank appears in 3D on screen) This new technology we stole is capable of leveling buildings with one single blow we have our first group of Tanks standing ready on our Orca platforms waiting to be carried to the Afroin Fields, we are putting the Tiger Sharks in charge of escorting the carry-alls to there destination.

Jack Simmons downed Scrin ship 21:55hrs - (Jack walks in slowly as the door closes behind him) I wonder if any body has been in here yet, I suppose they are waiting for some engineers to come and do what ever they are doing, (Jack goes to the control panel and pushes a button, the lights in the bridge turn on) wow, this is amassing I wonder what kind of speed this baby can get. I bet this Scrin can get up to at least 5 forthos per nintron, maybe I should, (foot steps approach, slight whispers can be heard) oh crap, I better hide. (Jack hides under tarp netting) Hey, I wonder what Seth is going to have us do with this ship once he gets the time drive activated again? (Jack whispers silently, Seth, I thought Kane killed Seth) I don't think bring Seth to the future and planting the fake will be the best thing for nod. What do you mean, Seth had a vision unlike Kane with just some stupid ideas to take over the world and cover it with Tiberium, Kane should have realized Seth's vision he had it going for nod he had the right idea but Kane tried to put an end to it but he never thought that we would ever bring him to the future where Kane had been killed to help defeat GDI when it thinks it has us cornered. Well this sector looks clear lets go gets something to eat, OK lets go. (Nod soldiers leave the Scrin and Jack stands up) Stupid asses didn't barley even look that's really one of the downsides of Kane leaving all order has gone to hell.

GDI Orca Tiger Sharks Airborne Unit 22:45 - Tower this is after burn, do we have go? Roger, up is go. Tiger Sharks lets kick, (Engines fire up one after another on all of the Orcas) lets go kick us some nod ass, after burn this is tower please refrain from...(Afterburn turns coms channel) never liked that channel anyway. Orcas are you ready? (All flip green switch in cockpit) Well then lets burn it, Afterburn the tower say that you change the channel again there are going to demote you to Model A Fighter, oh like I'm scarred I am the best pilot the Tiger Sharks have ever seen.

Nod Afroin Field Africa 5:45hrs - (Tank rolls into area) Base this is Red Eye, am I clear for entrance? 23 mark 75, 400 meters. Prepare for entrance in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and you're in. (Engine stalls to a quiet hum while the shield powers up. Be ready we have 9 airborne and 3 are Carry-alls carrying what seems to be one of our stolen disruptor prototypes. (Sounds of paratroopers jumping from a Orca Transport) Goldielox has entered the sector; I repeat goldylox has entered the sector. All men return to base goldielox has enter the sector. Men fall back we have to prepare to engage the shield. (Tanks are dropped and men begin scouting as the Orcas still hover over area)

Jack Simmons scrin helm 6:15hrs - (Jack begins to press sequences of buttons hoping to make it take off) Shit, why won't you work. (Ship begins to take off) Ah, oh yes finally. Stop what do you think you are doing? I am trying to get out of here. (Jack hides behind console and takes out his hand gun and fires hitting the other nod soldier) See what you get for bad mouthing Kane, even in death he lives. Now lets see what does this do, cool writing on the console, Chorno. Chronoshift, I remember that old allied technology from the 1940s I think I'll go visit an old friend of mine.... Kane.

GDI Afterburn's Tiger Shark 6:20hrs - Hey look at that that must be that alien space craft I heard about, I wonder if we can shoot it down every body target that ship. What ship? It was there never mind it seems that the ship has caused a little problem with their stealth generator attack the stealth generator. (Shots hit the ground then hit the mobile stealth generator destroying it) Yahoo, like that! Huh? Sandstorm, attack that funny looking thing with the red ball on top. (Red Eye turns on its shield creating a large red bubble for 100 square meters) What in the hell is that? Everybody shoot that bubble! Afterburn, this is Sandstorm our weapons seem not to be able to penetrate the bubble fall back. No, I am going to destroy that thing Afterburn that's a direct order fall back we are evacuating! I can't my Shark is caught I need some help try dropping an EMP canister, roger that dropping EMP all Orcas off the ground. (EMP canister hits the ground powering down shield, Afterburn fires at red ball and destroys the tank) Told you I was going to destroy it Sandstorm. Afterburn you disobey a direct order I will have you discharged no questions asked, understand me son. Yes sir. Good job Afterburn. Thanks Ice, now I think we should get back to base, Tiger Sharks return home.

Jack Simmons scrin helm ??:?? - I wonder if they have any of the aliens suits here I think that they should allow me to talk to the computer, (Jack walks around and finds a door opens it and finds some sort of bio-tech suit) man this looks like some alien breather suits, I wonder if I can recalibrate the voice box and the, the I should be able to talk and be able to command the computer, I think I should change the filter to breath I don't think I want to die right now. Uh, computer earth 2013-second Tiberium war, Temple of Nod. (Ship screen show earth's, nod temple) Man earth it looks so green still, natural green unlike our earth covered in nothing but Tiberium if only we had Kane in the future to help guide us in his plan for Tiberium. I think I should go pay him a visit, computer stop, land, open doors, power down.

Nod Temple 2013 6:21hrs - Kane I think that we should prepare for an assault against.... (Gun shot) Kane, I am Jerry Simmons, Sgt. Jerry Simmons Scorpion Airborne Division from the year 2062, I am here to take you with me, I know the future, if you don't come with me you will not live long. Very well, I will go with you, but how are we getting there? Outside there is an alien scrin ship equipped with chronoshift technology, I am sure you know how it feels traveling through time. Yes, I have traveled through time before so I'll be used to it. Computer, portal. (Kane escorted by Jerry walk through the wall and come out the other side) What will we do if they see you or your ship, don't worry they won't see me. The ship and me have been equipped with the latest in stealth technology so don't worry. (Door opens and ship powers up) Computer, take us home.

GDI Headquarters Command Table 2062 7:00hrs - We have reports that some soldier of some unknown origin has stolen the alien spacecraft that was rumored to be in the Afroin Fields. We now are preparing to me with Seth to find out what has happened. (Seth appears on screen) Commander, what is going on you have stolen alien technology, we will set off a full counterstrike if it is not returned within the hour. Seth we have not taken I wanted to meet with you to find out what has happened, we have stolen nothing we thought you had moved it because of our presence. No, you must have the only other one that could have stolen. (Person walks into talk to Seth) Seth we have been told that one of our scorpions has crashed there and the soldier has not returned to the pod. It seems that you have a traitor on your hand, I see no more reason for this meeting, Adjourned. (Screen shuts down)

Temple of Nod 7:11hrs - Damn it, why the hell would we have one of our own soldiers turn and steal one of our own space crafts. Sir, we have reports that a Chronol Vortex has appeared in the fields. What do you mean a Chronal Vortex? The Chronal Vortex is caused by using a chronoshift; it allows you to travel through space and time. What would be the reason for a nod soldier going through time? Maybe he would give plans to a former person on some new nod weapon, but whom would he give the plans to..........Kane he is going to go see Kane in the past and maybe do what you did for me, bring him to the future.

GDI Debriefing room 8:40hrs - Soldier do you know what you have done, you risked destroying one tank for your 25 million dollar Orca! What the hell were you thinking? I don't know. That's exactly it, you don't know! That's the problem with you, you don't think, I have no other option but to suspend you. You can't sir, I have to fly. I don't have any choice. Please I'll do anything. Well I may be able to let you fly something of ours; we have just developed a new type of SSM launcher that needs a pilot of just your skills. So what do you say? As much I hate flying hover vehicles I have to say yes I have never tried out a new prototype. You and a group of 5 other men will be escorting the Soverign over the Artic Palons. But sir, the Artic Palons? That's suicide! Do you want to fly soldier? Yes. Well then you will fly the Eagle, escort the Soverign and you will like! Very well. What? Sir, yes sir! Better, dismissed. (James "Afterburn" Davinson marches out mumbling to himself).




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