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By: Raving


He died on a rainy day during an important mission. He stepped on one of the mines he just placed. No way to die, no.. honor, no.. retalliation. Since then his ghost has been seen many times. This story is about that soldier, about his death.

Chapter 1 - The first day

He arrived at the base at 9PM. His first impression was "huge". He walked to the gate and identified himself, then he asked where the barracks were. The guard pointed towards the back of the base and said that he should wait to get a lift. It was a distance of 10km. to the back of the base. He thanked the guard but said he rather walked. He did so. Almost an hour later he arrived at barrack 3Aq. His barrack. He opened the door and tried to find his bed. A bed labeled with his name.
He found it quickly. Opened his locker and got his stuff organized. An officer came into the barrack. The officer told him that he was to report at the administration office in the front of the base. He took a lift to the administration office and reported in. He got his pass and he got send to the doc for a checkup. He went to see the doc. For the rest of the day he was sent from one side of the base to another. Seeing officers and doctors. This was his first day.

Chapter 2 - Training

For the rest of the years he was in training nothing special happened.
Others made jokes about him, but that's what they do to all rookies. He got promoted in his third year for saving a cadet who was drowning. He had become a "two striped soldier" or "twinkle" as the others called it. Nobody knew why they called it twinkle but it sounded allright. He also had been active in various contests and always was one of the best. He soon got promoted again and now became a "lieutenant" or as the others would say "little"

Chapter 3 - The first battle

When his training years were over he was send to a base near the frontline. This was real, this was life, this was almost to real. He got as nervous as the day that he graduated. He was escorted to his new "home". An old hangar, rebuild for use as barracks. There were many people walking and running around the base as if there was an attack. But this was just an every day routine. This was something he never got used too. After a few weeks the first attack on the base came and they were ready for it. An intense battle was fought. They were victorious! The enemy was defeated. After the first battle many followed and they withstood them all.

Chapter 4 - The mission, a sad ending

Then came that horrible day, the day that he died. He had a strange fealing when he got out of bed that morning. it was 6PM. He got himself ready for duty, when a general walked into the room. The general told him that they had a special mission for him. His objectives were to mine a road that was a primary transport route from the enemy. He, brave as he was, accepted the task and prepared himself for it. Then when midday came he moved out. He had to walk 50 miles to get to his target. Transportation by jeep or any other vehicle wasn't allowed. The enemy would spot it. It was late at night when he was in range of his target. He was very carefull in these sort of things. Then when he thought everything was save he started laying down the mines. But when he got to the fifth mine he was spotted by the enemy.
In his attempt to flee he accidentally hit a mine. The mine exploded. Dead.




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