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By: Marc Hebert


Whoever is reading this, it is inspired by a game I played on RA2 on "Cameron's Strait" using Deezire.

Soviet forces land on the islands of Cameron's Strait, facing no opposition. An MCV has landed and deployed. A large ore field is noted and several oil derricks noticed. Reinforcements are awaited to take these and fix up the bunkers for use as a defence.

Reinforcements are still awaited. Civilian forces noticed, base of 4 "Grand" Class Cannons, and several "Patriot" Class SAM sites noticed. Soviet generals consider taking the base, due to the valuable airport and satellite uplink located in the centre, but due to defences, considered a low priority.

Allied units close in on the enemy, but instead of an assault they blockade Soviet forces on the island.

Allied units take down several landing crafts, and Soviet general Romanov stops all reinforcement shipping to Soviet Island.

Allied units move in on an island parallel to Soviet base, take bunkers, oil derricks and construct a base.

The first allied soldiers place foot on the other side of the soviet island. Paratroopers. The soviet sensors seemingly go haywire. Units don't have the fuel to reach the soldiers, the soldiers don't have the energy.

Allied technicians manage to disable several defence structures, including the dreaded "Tesla Coils" and many anti-air batteries.

Soviet radar and sensors go down. As noted in the map books, civilian base is considered hostile to all forces.

Allied landing craft hit the beach to the west of Soviet forces. MCV deployed, several EMP tanks come out and disable groups of Soviet tanks. Soviet forces consider shut down due to lack of fuel.

Soldiers loaded into landing craft. EMP tanks loaded also. Shipped carefully through the flotilla of subs.

Hit the beaches, harvester units disabled. Caught by surprise, soviet soldiers killed with small allied casualties. Soldiers proceed to destroy construction yard, vehicle factory and barracks.

Tanks from the "Wild Boar" regiment strike the obsolete defence structures. Helicopter loaded with vehicle specialists sent in, and harvesters captured.

Special combat engineers sent in, most soviet structures captured, all oil derricks captured, and remaining Soviet structures self-destruct.

Allied commanders force a peace with the civilian base, and the blockade closes up. Destroyers and aircraft carriers come from all directions.

Several subs jump the aircraft carrier Roper, wiping it out. Subs hunted down, and the last shot is fired. The Roper is towed in for repairs.

Base is in full functionality. Civilian base declares itself Allied and from then on defends from attacks to the Strait. Several civilians construct defences around the original allied base in this area, and construct some defences for the northern bases.

12:30 13/06/74
Base constructed, set up bunkers and oil derricks. Awaiting forces to man them. General Korzkov notes deployed base, probably civilian defences. Includes "Patriot Missile" class Sam Sites, and large stationary guns of the "Grand" class. A satellite uplink and an airport being guarded, can't be too dangerous, possibly a conquest target. No Allied sightings yet.

4:00 13/06/74
Awoken early today. Reports of civilian base shooting at our naval ships. Decided to tell base to go around the island about a few miles to each side. No Allied sightings or reinforcements.

5:00 13/06/74
Still nothing. Very quiet prospect, no radio in, no chance of them being blocked in any case though. I'm not sure, but we may be blockaded.

10:00 13/06/74
Nothing. Our radar isn't picking up anything beyond that civilian base, and our subs seem to have been destroyed while on recon missions. Things are going strangely since that civilian base was noticed.

13:00 13/06/74
Very strange indeed. Three Tesla coils are offline, and several flak batteries are dead too. Even worse, the Psychic Sensor is going crazy, and our units don't have the fuel to check it out. Very strange indeed.

15:00 13/06/74
More defences are down, no reinforcements. Vehicles going offline, and strangely vanishing. No tanks available. Psychic Sensor no longer going insane, it apparently shut down. Civilian base is now going offline.

18:00 13/06/74
Trouble. Landing crafts hit the shore, freeing some units. Harvesters down, and the units coming out are heading towards the base. Out come two special operatives. Construction yard goes down, vehicle factory goes down, barracks goes down and soldiers dying. From my post in the tower, I see several soldiers running, backed up by some tanks. Flak batteries down, Tesla Coils are down, I keep watching.

21:00 13/06/74
Looking further, I see an Allied base. Helicopters coming in, and combat engineers come in. They take the oil derricks, the bunkers, and every building. It's over I thought. Pulling out a pistol, I point it at my head, and wipe my life from the face of this pig-dog ridden world.

Bases noted to be most useful in the war, and several air assaults launched from the base are mostly successful.




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