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By: Devilexx

Chapter 1 - The Aftermath.

The whole base had been destroyed. No man or machine in the base had came out alive. War was imminent. It was just a matter of time before the Allies fired numerous missiles into Iraq. Unfortunately Yuri had been preparing for this. He set up countless Flak Cannon's around most bases in Iraq to protect his units. He couldn't afford to lose them. Time & troops were not easy to get & could not be wasted.
One of his henchmen entered the room and said "Sir, the Allied troops have invaded one of our bases in Poland, sir. "Send one hundred & fifty troops into Poland to recapture the base" said Yuri. Not knowing what the result of this recapturing mission would be Yuri took the chance on losing most of his troops. His henchmen rallied his troops together & briefed them on the current situation. They suited up then boarded the aircraft. As the aircraft was leaving the runway Yuri had plans to not only recapture the base but also invade an Allied base situated 2 kilometers from the captured one.

Chapter 2 - Capture the Invaded Base.

The Aircraft takes off. Most of the troops are ready for battle as the aircraft lands. They quickly run out of the aircraft in an orderly fashion. They spread out into teams/groups & head for the base. As they came near the base explosions were heard & massive waves of dirt went flying into the air near them. The Allies had known the Soviets were coming. Yuri's plan had failed. Most of these troops had died in battle & some were not found. Many were believed to have been taken Prisoner by the Allied forces. It is uncertain what happened.

Chapter 3 - Declaration of War

For the Allies this was the last straw. War had broken out on 8th January 2103. Death for many soldiers & troops was to be the destiny of this war. as neither Allies nor Soviets were willing to give up so soon without a fight. Both sides hired the best nuclear specialists in the world to help them build deadly Nuclear bombs & weapons. Money & resources was scarce. Ammunition was at a restricted level, as both sides didn't want to lose the war due to no ammo. Then Allies started sending in Paratroopers as reinforcements. Soviets were losing the war. They hadn't as many troops. Hopefully the war would be over soon...

Chapter 4 - Counter Strike

Or that is what the Allies thought! All this time Yuri had secretly been manufacturing a weapon with more destructive force than any other bomb ever dropped by the Allies or the Soviets. If they could find a suitable method to launch this payload the results would be devastating. This Nuke had the power to wipe out a state the size of Texas with the initial blast! Many thousands more people would die via the after effects. When the Allies learned of this they immediately stopped all their Spies' current tasks and turned their attention towards finding the installation where this weapon was being developed.

Chapter 5 - Discovered!

Yuri's base was discovered! Deep in Benin a small African country there was a large installation which the Allies believed to be the plant where the weapon was being created. A group of elite spies were sent out to further investigate this. They were Para-dropped near the base where they disguised themselves as Conscripts. As they approached the base a Tesla Trooper stopped them. He asked them for ID, "Here you go". They were let through where they started doing some recon of the defenses surrounding it.
There was camouflaged Flak Cannons, Tesla Coils, Apocalypse Tanks and all kinds of units everywhere! This one was going to be tough. They walked calmly past all the units and approached the main gate they were again asked for ID but this time in the form of voice recognition "Confirm Identity" said the voice coming through the Intercom. Using the voice they had recorded from the T-Trooper they recorded a message using his voice with their advanced equipment. They were allowed access into the main facility and stepped inside as the door shut behind them with a metallic thunk.

Chapter 6 - Spying

The Allied Spys had now reached the main building of the secret Soviet Nuclear weapons base. Who knows what would happen if one of they bombs were to set off. Mass destruction possibly world wide casualties. But these spies had a job to do. They were to try to see where the bombs were & how to disarm them. So far they had managed to get passed the guards. None of the spies knew how to disarm a bomb knew so they had to watch very carefully. If it was impossible for the spies to disarm the bombs then a bomb specialist was to join them in the secret Soviet base next time. Time was running out fast for the Allies. They needed this to be successful or the whole of mankind could be endangered. The spies watched anxiously trying to memorize the keys that the bomb experts were hitting & what else they happened to be doing.

"Oh NO" alarms went off one of the Spies must've been caught. What's gonna happen next. Will the spy be killed, tortured or interrogated probably all three. The offender was Thomas Stevenson. New spy enrolled in Allied Forces. Only a 18 year old gave away one of the biggest chances of survival on Earth. Africa is a dangerous place & to be tortured & forced to work at the age of 18 is horrific. Luckily the rest of the spies were able to escape successfully.
They were to bring Professor Jackson along with them for him to analyze the bomb the next time. Jackson was a former Bomb squad trooper. Yuri is now sitting in a room, a dark room with Thomas Stevenson in front of him. "What did you think you were doing" asked Yuri. "I will not tell you as I am not obeying your rules" says Stevenson. Yuri loses his temper & hits Stevenson a few times on the face. Yuri speaks " Now boy tell me or worse will be of you " . The boy still refuses to speak. "Fine you will be killed in 2 days. You will be injected with poison & we will burn your body " says Yuri. What will happen next?......

Chapter 7 - Disguises

Meanwhile the other members of the team were trying to locate the entrance to the room where the bombs were being stored. They were walking along when all of a sudden a dog comes round the corner! Luckily Jackson shot it with his small silenced PP7 he carried everywhere he went. They continued on and found a large steel door. This must be it, they attached a small device that burrows into center of something and splits I apart from the inside. They attached this and a small Spy Camera just above it. They then proceeded to run away and the Spys and Professor Jackson. They watched on the monitor what was happening where they had removed the door. It was a hive of activity, the group decided to risk capture as it would look very suspicious if they were caught hiding, disguises or no disguises.

They walked back to the area where the door was and everything had quieted down a bit. They saw a high-ranking officer walking towards them and they quickly changed their disguise. With these on they walked through the door with no problems at all. Back in a room Stevenson was tied to a chair. Electrodes were tied to his fingers and toes. Every 5 minutes thousands of volts were sent through his body and he was in immense pain. He was then let go of the chair and strapped by his wrists and ankles to two wooden beams 1.5 meters apart and 3 meters off the ground. This caused him to be in great pain as all his weight was held up by was his arms and ankles. Then a man walked below him with a flaming torch. He burned his chest enough to cause him massive pain but not enough to kill. This torture was to continue for 3 days as Yuri had been kind and given him an extra day to live unless the Allies could do something about it.

Chapter 8 - Free the prisoner.

Professor Jackson found his way to these nuclear bombs. A group of marine soldiers were sent in by the Allied forces. They were to attempt to free Stevenson. They were sent in using parachutes & landed a few square metres a way from the base. They ran in shooting machine guns as alarms went off & troops came running out the building. It was a plan. When all the troops ran out of the building one of the spies were to go in & free Stevenson. So as the torturer left Frederic Janeux a French spy went in and freed Stevenson. Outside the marines were nearly all dead but they had managed to help free Stevenson & kill many Soviet troops. Professor Jackson hadn't enough time & as a troop came into the area where the bombs were kept he saw Jackson. Jackson shot at him with his PP7. He then stole the activation cards for the nuclear bombs. He then met all the spies at the rendez vous point & then call for a chopper to come & collect them as quickly as possible. A few spies were shot waiting for the chopper but then it came & all of the living spies hopped on. The chopper flew off as many Soviet troops shot at the chopper but it got away.

Chapter 9 - Trouble

Back at the base everyone was de-briefed. They had lost many men but on the other hand they got: Good Reconnaissance, Activation Cards, Voice Samples and other paraphenalia. New plans had to be thought of, new ways to avoid detection. A whole new squad was made up. They were made up of: Professor Jackson, 2 Spys, 2 Elite GI's and a Chrono Legionnaire. This squad was transported using the CL's warp pack to within half a mile of the base. When they were phased in they proceeded towards the base. They got past all security checks and into the room where the Nukes were being held. The CL immediately started to erase the Missiles as the rest of the group planted C4 and guarded the entrances. When the CL was finished the group got ready to leave but suddenly Delphi appeared in the doorway. Delphi was a Spy from years back in the old GDI Vs NOD wars. He said "There is no escape from me! There is many more Nukes placed at strategic locations through out the world! You will never defeat the Soviet Power!!!" "OH CRAP!!!" said one of the GI's! They would never be able to escape before Delphi shot at them and if they could he might fire the Nukes. What was going to happen?

Chapter 10 - Escape

Delphi pulled out a Benelli shotgun, he shot one of the GI's in the head Professor Jackson then shot his PP7 & it hit Delphi on the leg. This would give them time to escape. They ran as Delphi ordered some men to set off the alarms. Delphi was helped up & started to chase the Allie soldiers. Meanwhile, Yuri was in his little secret office hatching a new devious plan. Back to the Allies they had to get out as if they didn't then H.Q wouldn't know the Soviets had Nukes all over the world. Delphi was close on their backs so they decided to split up. Professor Jackson went his way & the rest went the other way. As Professor Jackson went he could hear gunshots from the direction he had came. Then he stumbled across this mysterious room which was empty. So while running away from Delphi Professor Jackson went into this secret mysterious room. He found a map of where all the Soviet Nuke bases were. Professor Jackson ran out with the maps & ran outside. Only the Chrono Legionnaire stood waiting for him. The rest must've been shot & that must be why the gunshots were fired. Then Delphi appeared out of nowhere. What was going to happen. The Chrono Legionnaire then grabbed Professor Jackson & transported them to the Allies base using his warp pack.

Chapter 11 - Destruction

The Chrono Legionnaire & Professor Jackson returned safely. Professor Jackson took the map for analyzing. After it was analyzed Professor Jackson said this "It is clearer now & we can now see where all the Soviet bases are". As the maps had been recovered the Allies sent out bomb experts to destroy the Soviet nuke bases. Tanya was sent to plant C4, GI's were sent to protect Tanya & bomb experts. The bomb experts were to blow up the Bases & get outta there. They were sent out & all the bases were blown. The Allies had won the war... Or so they thought!

Chapter 12 - Return

Yuri was sitting in his secret office when an unknown chopper lands outside. A Man comes out we only see black boots at first but then. Oh...It's... It's KANE!. Kane proceeds into Yuri's office & speaks to him "I want to rule the world & you could help me". "Join forces with me & we could rule the world!" says Kane. "Well you could come in handy," says Yuri. So Kane & Yuri joined forces & Kane's momentum gave Yuri & the Soviets confidence against the Allies. Yuri was sure the Soviets would win the war now. He started to gather ammunition & artillery to face the Allies. Yuri was ready to start an attack what will happen.




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