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By: CommandoRex

"General!" shouted Major Nicolas Ned "Yes?" said General Nick. "Via Satellite indicates a large group of Apaches, a Comanche squad, cargo planes with paratroopers, and transports! Fort Anderson, the nearest Base, will be their first stop! We are sitting ducks unless the other HQs send in Supporting Troops ASAP!" Nicolas replied; he was very nervous, he imagined if they lost their GHQ, all HQs would have to surrender!
General Thompson said "Send any able units to goto Sea Side Dale Beach and have a large welcoming party there, the special units, will be in the Sea Side Dale Nixon Hotel to garrison the building, all civilians will be sent to the special underground metal shelters." "Sir Yes Sir!" replied Nicolas, "I will ring the warning alarms in all nearby towns, I will send an SOS to the other nearby HQs, Nixon Hall, Fort Allenburg and Fort Fox."

1 Day Later 0500 Hours....

"All units report in!" said Commander Mike Gin. "When reported in go on the spots you were assigned to, use all supplies given to you! We can't let them into the GHQ!" "Hey, Look! Reinforcement gunboats and aircraft carriers!" shouted Lt. Michel. "Captain Duncan here, all boats are on coarse to beach, and ready for covering fire! All Air Units will takeoff the runaway ASAP, when they are on air, they will report in!" "Affirmative!" replied Commander Gin. "Charlie 1-19, reporting!" "Tango 1 reporting!" "Tango 2 and 3 reporting!" "Tango 4-7 reporting!" " Omega 1-10, off the runaway!" "Bravo 1-15 reporting!" "Red 1-5" off the runaway!" all the units have reported. "All units have reported in, all units take position and ready!" Commander Gin said. "Satellite indicated, they're 5 miles in closing!" said Lt. Colonel Mike. "4 miles..."

"I see them!" reported Tango 4. "All frontline units, ATTACK!" commanded Commander Gin. "Holy... they're so much of them, I don't know who to engage on!" said Omega 5. "Start with the Cargo Planes! They will drop them soon!" said Red 4 " Affirmative!" said Omega 5. The battle raged on, and on, and on and only a small part of the protecting officers survived, they were Charlie 1,2,3, Tango 1, Bravo 1 and 4, and Commander Gin. "All units! Regroup at Sea Side Dale Nixon Hotel immediately!" shouted the commander. "The tanks arrived, 4 flame tanks, 3 mobile artilleries, 10 light tanks, and 1 stealth tank." "Units, forward to Nixon Hotel" said Nod Squad Commander Reed. "We will bury them!"

"Shoot! Said Major Nicolas, I thought they were downed, our opposition will close in and attack them. Whenever you are ready, attack as a trio so they will get a hard battle, all units are now able to move, air units are able to engage on any, and all targets!" said the General. Major Nicolas was very nervous, even though he was a three stripped elite unit, he never been in this situation before. "ATTACK!!!!!!!" shouted Commander Gin once again! The battle raged on and on again. "Major Nicolas! Get over here, get over here!" shouted Gin. " We have a heck of a mess here! 3 Units are pinned down in Nokysive Crater nearby in the beach, save them, they are the best we can afford, the other units will cover you, now go, ALL ABLE UNITS, COVERING FIRE!"

Nicolas did not know what would attack him. The covering fire was really helpful, the 3 pinned down units were waiting for their backup, and not knowing it would be one man. "I don't think the brave man can do It.," said Lt. Harrison. The three pinned down units were Major Tommy Bering, Lt. Major Mike Yester, and Captain Troy Douglass. "Finally, NICOLAS GET OVER HERE NOW!"
Nicolas ran; an officer almost shot him but the covering fire from the pinned down troops helped him. The units attacking were the 3 Mobile Artilleries. Nicolas was making a hard decision "Go now, I will do the best covering fire for you, GO, GO! Don't worry about me, I'm just one man." "Okay..." said Lt Major Yester. Nicolas was running around with a Rocket Launcher, he was almost killed by artillery fire but took cover in the crater, he battled for 10 minutes and survived. The battle was then won, very hard one, but they won. "Good word Nicolas Ned," said General Thompson. I award you the Purple Heart for saving 3 men, without giving thought to yourself."




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