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By: Chronomatt

Chapter 1

My name is Tanya. I am a special forces unit for the Allied cause.I worked my way up through the ranks during the Great war, in which I single-handedly defeated the Soviet war machine.But thats not how it ends. Years later some dirtbag named Romanov decided he would avenge his country by crushing the Allies.It was a difficult war but I managed to trap Romanov & force him to surrender.After all I've been through I never thought I would ever work along side those commies.But now it's different.Yuri, Romanovs' old right hand man, has rose from the darkness with an army of his own.We (as in the Allies and the Soviets) have managed to defeat him in every possible location.We have gotten very close to total world domination but we managed to slip through (thanks to me).He has managed to bring all his armies together for a final showdown on a small isle named Easter Island.I was briefed for this mission a couple of days ago.It was called Operation: Final Front. During the briefing I learned I would be working along side a Soviet hotshot named Boris & his platoon of conscripts.This pissed me off cause I only work alone.But if it meant the end of that bastard Yuri, I was for it.We would be reinforced with a convoy of Mirage & Grizzly battle tanks too.This mission seemed easy enough till I learned that Yuri had stolen some Soviet technology & had his own missile silo in the area.Not only that, his Genetic Mutator & Psychic Dominator were alredy charged up! This will be my hardest mission yet.

Now, it seemed that the fighting had stopped, we had headed in to check these claims.

Chapter 2

Nighthawks.These helicopters are uncomfortable.Especialy when you have thoughts of Yuri in your head.We had just landed on the outskirts of the island, & I could see Yuri's towering Mutator,even from here.Five minutes later I met Boris & his cronies.He seemed all high on himself because of his special ability to call in airstrikes with a couple of mIgs.What a braggard.The conscripts seemed kind of quiet.Probably because they knew they were gonna die.They probably were.We started heading through the jungles.We wouldn't be reinforced till we got to some statues.Boris told me to stay behind him because initiates were patroling the area.I said,"Screw you, I can take care of myself!".That shut him up.All of the sudden one of our men exploded in a cloud of toxic gas.Boris screamed,"VIRUS!".We all got on the ground.I started feeling nauseous, probably from the toxins in the air.Boris whispered,"I see her.", & he ran in.I told him it's to dangerous but he went in anyway.Of course I was right.He was shot in his left shoulder.He wasn't dead but he was hurt bad.I rushed in & shot her down before she could reload.Luckily I had a medikit in my pack.I cleaned him up in no time but his left shoulder was paralyzed from the toxins.Later we finally met up the initiate patrol.We easily cleaned them out but one of our conscripts was dead.Tough break.And thats just the begining.

Chapter 3

5,4,3,2,1,0.Psychic Dominator ready.And all of the sudden the sky got red.Yuri must have activated the Psychic Dominator nearby!Then I felt a pulse of energy.Me & Boris were ok, but the conscripts were going crazy.They were salivating at the mouth & their eyes were red.Then they started attacking us.We had no choice but to put them down.Damn it!We are on our own & Boris isn't in neccessarily good health!We quickly got migraines.Probably the effects of the Psychic Dominator.We moved fast we didn't want another encounter like this.Up ahead were the statues we had been waiting so long for.We quickly heard a loud rumble.It was the Grizzlies & the Mirage tanks that were promised.We also got an extra special treat, a Battle Fortress!We quickly entered the behemoth.I stared out the window & looked at the battle ravaged land which used to be an island paradise.Oh well.Up ahead Kirov by Kirov was being shot down by Yuris arsenal of gattling cannons while trying to end Yuris' reign of terror.One managed to take out a Bio Reactor haulting the timers on Yuris' Dominator & Mutator.But the nuke timer kept counting down.When the timer hit zero I screamed,"Lets get the hell out of here!"





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