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By: Mushroom671

Beijing, China
3:00 pm

It was a beautiful spring day in Beijing. The sun shone brightly and warmed whoever took the time to bask in itís glow. The air smelled fresh of tress and flowers and birds chirped gleefully greeting those who walked by their nests. Large crowds stood on the sidewalks on both ends of the streets. Some gathered in front of the local shops and buildings and others stood under the trees to keep cool. The people all were holding small Chinese flags and waved them in the air. The crowds cheered and yelled with delight and anticipation. Groups of people lined up and down the sidewalks, waiting for the parade to start. Soon loud footsteps could be heard as soldiers marched down the streets proudly dressed in uniform with their rifled lined up against their chests. Hundreds, maybe thousands of uniformed soldiers trampled across the asphalt in perfect formation down the street, encouraged by the loud cheering and the sight of the crowd. Confetti was thrown into the air in celebration and the crowds applauded and shouted praises to the soldiers. Battlemaster tanks too rumbled slowly down the street with shiny and glistening armor that reflected the sunís bright raysí and their cannons gleamed spotless pointing directly in front . Those close enough could even see their reflection in the tankís broadside and roared even louder. Columns of tanks roared and rumbled in unison with the loud marches of the troop as the parade moved down the street.

The air was filled with sounds of celebration and loud marches and from the air the entire street appeared to be a mass of people, confetti, flags and armor. Many in the back of the crowds leaped in the the to catch a glimpse of what was happening. The merchants emerged from their stores and started to join in the festivities also and everyone began to clap loudly for the passerby's. Some waved to those marching past but not one soldier even waved back knowing how important it was to stay in position and to continue on. It now looked as if an entire army was now on parade to show its might, the countless tanks and men advanced down the street perfectly in formation as if the entire parade was one being in itself.

As this was all going on, a lone car approached and parked in an alleyway behind the parade. The driver sat nervous, anxious and impatient all at the same time. Soon the man put a walkie-talkie near his ear ,listening carefully. Afterwards, he put it down and checked the C4 in his trunk, it was primed and ready. He tightly griped the steering wheel pushed gently on the pedal and started to advance towards the crowd in front of him. People began to see him and quickly jumped or moved out of the way and immediately the entire crowd parted and the parade soon came in full view of the driver. He then accelerated quickly towards the center of the parade, running over those unlucky enough to be in the way. A few leveled their rifles and began to take pot-shots at the car, but it was no use, it was too late.. The car disappeared into a bright orange blossom engulf the entire section of the street in flames. Soon other vehicles darted out of other alleyways into the street and exploded with a loud BOOM taking those around it and tossing others like ragdolls. One car detonated near a tank column transforming it into a heap of tangled and mangled metal pieces.

The entire street was in chaos everyone ran and scattered across the streets and sidewalks, Groups broke onto the street, breaking the formation of the troops.The soldiers tried to get the crowds to calm down but it was useless no one was listening as people ran this way and that trying to get away from the raging fireballs that had now littered the street with fire, debris and bodies. The wounded weren't even noticed as the whole entire parade broke out in anarchy, trying to get away from the mass panic that was ensuing. Now some took advantage of this and began to rob the shops that lined the sidewalks and as the armed forces attempted to enforce law and order a looting riot started. Now the soldiers fought with the looters but were unable to tell the innocents from the looters in all the confusion. Suddenly several beat-up pick-up trucks now raced towards the scattering crowds, the pandemonium, and the riots. These were no ordinary pick-up trucks these trucks had 30. caliber machine guns fixed onto their trunks and the guns were manned too.As they drew nearer, many ran towards them, making their escape from what was happening. As soon as the machine gunners saw them they opened fire and cut a bloody swath through those struggling to escape the parade grounds. Screams dotted the air as those hit fell instantly. Several men emerged form the pick-ups aimed the AK-47ís they carried and too fired upon the fleeing crowds. More were hit and the street began to pour blood.

The troops now realized what was happening and ignored the looters and robbers and organized their ranks. They rushed to where the pick-ups were, shoving and pushing aside citizens in their way, the pick-ups came into view and the troops leveled their rifles and aimed carefully avoiding the streams of screaming civilians. One took a shot and hit the 30. caliber gunner square in the chest, the other 5 machine gunners were took taken out. Now the armed suspects took cover behind the pick-ups and fired blindly into the sprinting crowds. A surviving tank now rumbled into the firefight with its broadside facing the pick-ups. Itís large cannon slowly rotated around and aimed for one of the pick-ups. As the cannon fired, all close-by heard a deafening blast and felt a violent shockwave, with some even stumbling down. Almost immediately a loud blast rocked the air as one of the pick-ups was lifted into the air in a brilliant explosion. The soldiers now hid behind the tank taking pot-shots whenever possible. As the troops and the surviving gunmen battled, a cargo truck began to race down the street behind them. Many were still trying to flee and when they saw the speeding cargo truck they scattered to avoid getting hit, and some saw it one second too late and were rammed into the air like nothing. The truck slammed on the breaks and stopped in the middle of an intersection. It waited for a few seconds and then exploded into a huge mushroom cloud of fire and poison. The cloud engulfed and covered those blocks away and all fell silent to the massive BOOM that followed.

Even hours after the final deadly detonation the cloud still lingered overhead as a grim sign of death. Every block, every sidewalk, every street was dotted with corpses, with some burnt beyond recognition.The pick-ups were now total wrecks with charred skeletons scattered around them. The tank now was an overturned disfigured piece of scrap metal with dead bodies that circled around the decimated armor. The sky turned a sickening orange. The air smelled of rotting flesh, rust and death. Buildings and blocks were destroyed and brought to ruins and devastation. And the birds chirping remained quite to the wasteland around them..




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