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By: Sarge790

Chapter 3: New Beginings

One hour later the whole squad had realised that they were with the best of the best.

"Right" said Smith cheerfully, "We now have two hours to prepare for the insertion, so get your weapons and equipment together."

"Shouldn't we be more informed to the area we are working in?" asked Johnson who was busy getting his magazines together and cleaning his rifle with expert care.

"I'm sure the General will fill us in more during the flight", replied Smith.

"Now as I was saying get your equipment ready and please don't forget anything. The last thing we need is someone forgetting something." continued Smith, before heading of to get his own equipment ready for action.

O'Brien was getting together several radios and was giving Grey some specialised tiny microphones and camera bugs for use in gathering information. O'Brien also put into his rucksack a special hand-built P.D.A (personal desk assistant) which he used for hacking into computer systems, door control systems and anything else electrical.

Grey was packing his specially made boots which absorbed the shock waves of walking, making his steps more silent than a mouse on carpet. He also put in his rubber sneaking suit that made walking easier and a lot more silent. The suit had special ridges around the lung area to increase breathing capacity and make the after effects of running noiseless as it prevented the wearer from panting loudly. He also had a pair of binoculars which didn't reflect light through the lens, making it safer at night for someone who owned them. They also had thermal imagining and night vision, making them very useful when looking out for ambushes or hidden bodies.

McDougall was packing as much explosive as the rucksack and the quartermaster would let him! This included C4, TNT, Mines and even gunpowder. He packed it all carefully, to make sure it didn't go of in transport.

Grahams was refreshing his Russian using an old Soviet weapons manual so that he could understand anything to do with weapons, explosives, military vehicles or even the weather.

The rest of the team were checking their weapons, grenades, radios and checking they had all the little extras placed in their rucksacks. This included cammo paint, whistles, torches, thermal goggles and night vision goggles. They new they would get their ammo from the helicopter. This included the sniper who checked his scope for dust and cleaned every few minutes. He also packed every piece of cammo he had so he could blend in anywhere.

Smith however was not packing. He was sitting in his office thinking hard about the coming mission. He knew what was on the line. He knew that all was at stake. His life, his country and the freedom of millions, he only hoped they wouldn't fail. He then got out a pen and some paper and wrote the letter all soldiers carried in war this war. The letter to his family in case he died, so at least he could say his final goodbyes. He then stood up and got his kit ready.

"Would Smiths squad please report to hanger bay 3" said the voice over the intercom. Everyone got up and made their way to the hanger with their kit.

"This is it. No turning back now." thought Smith as they walked on.

But when they got their in, they were shocked. They didn't see the helicopter, or even an aircraft. All they saw was a huge dome, which resembled a chronosphere.

"You are probably wondering what this is," said the General. "Well its a chronosphere. We need to send you in quickly so this is the best way. Please get in the A.P.C and fasten your seatbelts."

They all got in and all fastened their seatbelts. "Wonder what it feels like to be chronoshifted?" said Young.

"You haven't felt anything like it till you try" replied Tanya.

"Ten seconds, hold on tight!" came a voice over the intercom. Then a high pitched sound became audible and it got louder every second. Then there was a bang and they felt like their guts were being thrown around the body, as if they were in a washing machine. There was a blinding flash and then suddenly, their were was no sound to be head and then they saw the door open.

"Welcome to the Himalayas men. Get out and enjoy the view while drive to the base. Hoped you are wrapped up warm cause its bloody cold!"




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