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By: Sarge790

"Keep close, and remember, keep weapons silent till fired upon, understand?" These were the words from Captain Marcus Ryan. Private Owen remembered these words as they crept through the forest, in the cold climate of Canada. The nights frost settling on the ground like a warm blanket covering the Earth. He and his 9 other comrades continued to stroll through the forest, prying not to meet enemy resist as they continued on their trek. After 10 minutes into the patrol, they reached an open area. It was about 200m to the other side, and the commander wasn't going to risk the lives of his men by moving unnecessary into a NOD trap.

John, can you see anything?" Marcus asked
John then raised his binoculars, which would have glinted in the moonlight, had it not been for the special filter.
"Well?" asked Marcus asked.
"I don't sir, just trees, but there is something, but, I don't know" said the Recon expert, who knew virtually every NOD unit.
"Right, Lewis and Roger, go round the clearing and find out." Marcus barked
they then jogged off, their equipment jingling away.
They all waited a few minutes, looking around, hoping there wasn't something
The radio chattered,
"Sir, the clearing is clear. No enemy detected, over."
"Roger that Lewis, we're coming over."
Then they climbed the embankment and started to jog threw the clearing. Suddenly, hell broke lose. Rockets, bullets and bio weapons came flying towards them "TAKE COVER!"
Everyone hit the deck, and opened fire at all directions.
"Jesus, please, for the love of god, help!" cried Owen as the sound of weapons fire echoed around the clearing. Then the enemy ceased fire and he looked around. He noticed his finger fixed on the trigger, but no ammo was coming out.
"Must think we are all dead," he thought. "Maybe we will make it out of here!"
"Guys?" he whispered, but he got no reply. "Guys?" There was still no reply.

"Oh God, I'm on my own. Oh God Oh God OH GOD." He started to cry. He was a rookie and this was his first combat situation. If he survived, he would see many more situations of massacres. He wiped his tears away with his hand, which was stone cold and covered with blood from his now dead comrades. He then flicked down his visor and switched to heat. Nothing. He tried other modes and still got nothing.
"How the????" he thought, anger filling him.
He then crept back to his ditch to think further on the situation. He then thought hard. He good go back to base and ask for reinforcements, but the amount of fire which came at them, the chances were that the casualties would be high. Also, you couldn't see them, so that also put that out of question. Also, Lewis and Roger were still missing. He then risked his radio.
"Lewis, Roger, were are you?"
"This is Lewis and Roger, were are fine, but what the hell happened to you guys."
"Its Owen, and I am the only one left!"
"Oh God! What happened?"
"Fire just came from every direction, you said it was clear!"
"It was!"
"Well, it was obviously not with the rest of the squad dead!"
They went silent as they thought of the dead comrades.
"Get back now!"
"Roger!" he said quietly.
30 seconds later, 2 seconds of machine gun fire was heard.
"Lewis, Lewis, LEWIS!" he screamed into the radio. He started to cry again, as he knew all his friends had died within 10 minutes. The anger grew. He wanted blood. The blood of his enemy. He wanted to kill and maim. He reloaded his weapon and jogged around the perimeter to where he had seen fire. However he made sure he was about 500m away from the clearing as he went round. He then crept towards the position. He could see nothing then like a mirage, he good sees everything. He could the NOD scum manning their heavy machine guns and the other form of troops relaxing.

"Scum!" he thought. "Utter scum!"
He selected a frag grenade, pulled the pin and threw it. He saw the NOD faces as it came towards them. The blast of the grenade going through them destroying veins and blood vessels. Bones were fractured and skin and muscle was ripped off, leaving some men as bloody pulps of what used to be human. He then drew his auto rifle and sprayed death into the other NOD soldiers who were still in a state of shock. His blood lust increasing he continued to spray lead into the dead, causing spasms of movement and large amounts of blood to be sprayed around the area. He then looked around and started to set C4 charges on all the buildings, popping the heads of all whom stood in his way. He then saw a building, which wasn't in the basic training. He however, in the state he was in, didn't notice and set c4 charges on it. He then backed off and ran back to his muddy ditch.

"Pay back for the death of every decent G.D.I soldier scum!" he screamed. He pressed the detonator ands the sky was filled with light, smoke and an orange cloud. He cackled evilly, like a demented man full of evil.
"Omega patrol, what the hell is that?" the radio went off.
"Pardon?" he asked. He hadn't heard because of his laughter
"Omega patrol, this is General Hoston. What the hell happened?"
"This is Omega patrol. We just suffered heavy casualties. Only me, Private Owen is alive. I have just destroyed all enemy forces in the area. However, there was one think that must be reported. There was something, which was stopping us from seeing the enemy. I tried everything. Nothing worked!"

"Roger that Omega. We will work on that now. Get back to base Owen. I want a full report on this tomorrow." "Thank you sir!" and he started the trek back to base. He started to calm down. He realised NOD had built something which could effect the whole course of the war. He hoped something like that could be used to their advantage.

Owen was the first person outside NOD to discover the stealth generator G.D.I soon found this to seriously effect the war, with NOD ambushes more common.




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