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It was 3 in the morning, a few months after the fall of the soviets, when Commander J. L. Ryker was awaken by a weird noise. He got out of bed and looked out his window. The sky was red as blood, the near- by city was awake but for what reason? What was causing the red sky? He immediately noticed men with blank looks on their faces, marching to his base with weapons! Even some of his own men were with them, including the harrier team OMEGA, half of the tank squad ALPHA, and the new Robot Tanks. Then LT. Rachel came in and told him, "Sir, Every ALLIED Base and city of the world is having this same problem! You also have a message for you in the command room". "Ok, lock the base down and if any body that acts funny, lock 'em up."

He immediately ran to the command room to answer the call. It was Lt. Eva, "Commander, Yuri has deployed his Psi Dominators around the world! He has taken over almost everyone except the few that are immune to it," she said. "San Francisco was saved by a last minute effort on the Psi Dominator there. We are called to see if we can strike any other Psi Dominator near by. We must avoid killing our own men if possible."
"I think we can manage. Anything else Lt.?" Said Ryker. "No sir" says Eva.

As soon as you could say Yuri, Commander Ryker was deploying his men to hold the others off with minimum casualties. He quickly contacted NORAD, since they were immune to this kind of attack because of the installations of anti psi structures. "I need a missile strike as soon as possible!" said Ryker. "But they are not operational since the soviet's attack in the 2nd war!" says the Operator. "But we can offer Harriers and Chrono Legionnaires." Ryker replies with one good response, "KEEP THEM READY!"

Monday, at 0 8 hundred, there was a lot of clamor from the hills. The base was ready for a hard invasion. Over the hills, gleaming in the morning light, came Lasher tanks. The base alarm siren went off as the assault began. "This is OMEGA 1, requesting take off!" said Lt. Strich of the OMEGA Harrier Team. "This is tower, clear for T/O" replies the Tower. "Roger that, heading 45.2 degrees, target 1 mile off" replies Strich.

As soon as they took off they flew towards the column of tanks, arming their Tank Buster Missile. They flew low to the ground to avoid radar. The moment came. "Targets ahead, aim and fire at will !" said Strich. Strich soon heard rapid firing of bullets, and watched in horror as each of his wingmen where shot down ; he soon saw the gattling tanks and opened fire. "DARN YOU," said Strich.
After an intensive launch of missiles, the gattling tanks where destroyed. The Lashers were left with no more ammo and had to return to base.
"Sir, the harriers didn't get all the Lashers… we lost all but 3. They lost almost all the gattling tanks they had with those lashers, should we try Rocketeers?" said Rachel. "No, there are some Gattling Tanks left, use the robot tanks." Replies Ryler.

Within minutes the hovering speedy Robot Tanks were rolling to kick major Lasher butt! Within minutes half the lashers were destroyed, but Yuri's Armies still had a trick up their sleeve! They had taken over some mirages, which soon dispatched the Robot Tanks! Finally, only a few tanks were left to use, the tank team ALPHA, Consisting of 20 grizzlies and 2 mirages, were rolling out. Then, from the war factory, a Scottish man on a loud speaker blared, "Battle fortress ready!" Two more rolled out and they were loaded with GIs and Chrono Legionnaires. They went out towards the Lashers, with some IFVs coming behind them. After a long hour of bloody horrific fighting, the Allied Tanks rolled back victorious!

"Commander, great job out there!" said Rachel. "No, we were victorious but with large loss of life… This is a beginning of a new age of battle. Rachel, I don't think we will be able match the new challenges," said Ryker with a mixture of sadness and anger in his voice. "We still have the other allies and civies that are with Yuri… I hate to say this but a lot of those men who we fought were once on our side."

Suddenly Ryker looked up in horror as the battle fortresses were mobbed by Mind Controlled Civies, and were killed by the Battle Fortresses. "No, there is no choice, Rachel, we must destroy Yuri before more harm is done to the civilians. Get the men ready to go and re-enforce the base in San Francisco and make sure the Soviets or Yuri's Army doesn't get the Time Machine. I'm going to London and see what Alexi knows about Yuri's men," said Ryker as he boards his NightHawk helicopter, Tragically, as he fly's over the city, he is shot down by a Gattling Cannon. The men in the base are filled with rage but know they must follow Ryker's last orders… so begins the new Era of war, the Psychic War!




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