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By: Raving

Part I
Chapter 1 - The reason

This is Rising Sun base. A strategic located base. Within 500 miles you wont find a better place. If you come within a twenty mile radius of the base you are spotted for sure. This base is the best defended base. No exceptions. Patrols and light towers sweep the area, searching for enemies. Not even a cloaked unit can get within a five mile radius. It'll be destroyed before it crosses the seven mile radius. Only the "elite" among the GDI troops may serve her. It's an honor. There are many outposts in this region, they serve as an early warning system. Mines block important routes for attacking. Sam sites within a fifty mile radius make sure there are no air attacks. The base get's it's water from wells deep below the surface. These are sure to last at least 230 years. That's why everybody want's this base.

Chapter 2 - Fight in the night

It was quiet, too quiet. When the first outpost reported hearing a sound, others soon followed. No doubt that Nod was planning an attack, placing it's units in strategic locations. It became quiet for several minutes. Then that "screaming" sound came. Everybody knew what it was. A missile. Just a minute later the southern guard tower of the base was destroyed. Again a "screaming" sound could be heard. The western guard tower was leveled to the ground. The troops became irritated because they did not know from where it came.
Finally, a Nod unit was spotted. GDI fired the EM Pulse cannon on the unit. It worked, immediatly fifteen Nod units were revealed. GDI units opened fire at them. Within just a few minutes the revealed Nod units were destroyed. But then they heard it again, that "screaming" sound. Where would it strike this time? Nobody knew. It was night so seeing the damn missile was almost impossible. One off the soldiers so it. "There, a reflection of the moonlight." He was right, there it came. This time the primary war factory was taken out. A mine went off. Killing at least twenty Nod units. The force uncloaked and started an all out assault. Within minutes GDI had about fifty casualties. Nod had lost half of it's force. Another missile striked the base, destroying at least ten Titans. The battle lasted for another two hours. You could see the moonlight reflect on debris that was laying around the base. Nod had been defeated, again.

Chapter 3 - Guerrilla tactics

Nod tried to find any weak spots in the defenses of the base. When they thought they did, they attacked. Without results. So Nod took a different approach when it came to attacking. Guerrilla tactics. GDI sustained heavy casualties during such attacks but they soon found better ways of dealing with these attacks. The first time Nod attacked this way, GDI didn't know what to do. Outposts were destroyed, minefield's blown up and missiles were fired at random locations. Nod came to within a three mile radius. But GDI had send reinforcements. Nod tried to launch an all out assault again, but they were stopped. Defeated again. Nod continued to use the guerrilla tactics for months. But it didn't work. GDI had installed a new experimental weapon, called the EM Field generator. It generated a field around the base in which vehicles would immediatly be struck by the effects of the EM distortion. Nod got sick and tired of always losing. They tried to "perfect" the guerrilla attacks but it didn't work. Then they tried to involve the mutants

Chapter 4 - Mutant friction

The first time the mutants were involved in the battle they sustained heavy casualties. Then they became more "stealthy". The base was heavily damaged during these "stealth" attacks. It seemed that the mutants had a fixed attack pattern. GDI started to figure out exactly how the mutants attacked. They found it after five attacks. A special team was to boobytrap the path the mutants would walk during their next attack. All went well. That night the soldiers in the base all waited for the first boobytrap to be activated. The first boobytrap was a spotlight. It worked. The mutants were exposed. Immidiatly GDI troops opened fire upon the mutants. They ran away as quick as they could. Two weeks later the mutants were spotted again. This time they had gathered all their people for a confrontation. But Nod tricked them, and used them as decoy's. When the mutants came close to the base a missile was heard. It struck on the mutants. All but a few were dead. While GDI was carrying the wounded into their base, Nod attacked again. This time they got within half a mile of the base and did some serious damage. A second missile struck the compound. Casualties, about 200.

Chapter 5 - Scrin technology

GDI decided that it was time for some changes. The base was to recieve a "package". Little did they know at the base, that it were units upgraded with Scrin technology. The day that they were to recieve the "package" came. It was morning. The night before Nod had attacked the base. The moral at the base was getting bad, they were under constant attack and had no recreational stuff. Nod decided to attack the base again that morning. They did so and lost, again. It became noon. The package would arrive any minute now and would help a lot in defending the base. Minutes before the "package" arrived they got to know what it was. Five Titan's equipped with Scrin weapons and armor. A Mammoth MK4 also equipped with Scrin weapons and armor. And last but not least, ten Wolverine's with the same technology as the rest.

Nod also "recieved" the message and decided that they should destroy the "package". They knew that they would never get their hands on it so the best thing to do was to destroy the "package". The first message from an outpost was heard; "Alpha Tango, package in sight." The soldiers at the base were relieved. They made it, that's what they thought. Immediatly a second message came in; "Alpha Tango, red alert, I repeat red alert. Nod is attacking the package. Red alert." They all knew what to do. Twenty Titan's, thirteen Wolverine's, eighteen hover mlrs' and three sonic disruptors moved out. When they arrived the package was still under attack by Nod.
The Titan's started to fire at some tick tank's, the Wolverine's fired at infantry and the sonic disruptors fired at a few deployed artillery units. The hover mlrs' were there as anti air protection, although they did fire at some vehicles. Only three Nod units were left but they kept fighting. Then, the unexpected happened, the "screaming" sound appeared. A missile. The package and all the units in the surrounding area were destroyed. The package was gone and there was no way to replace it. A sad day for GDI.

Chapter 6 - Defensive

The days after "the package incident" Nod attacked a lot. GDI forces were forced to be defensive. Scouting parties were stopped and patrols simply weren't done anymore.
Nod grew more confident by the day. They had captured all the outposts and disabled the minefields. GDI had to do something, but they couldn't. It seemed like Nod was going to win after so many battles. Then someone came up with an idea. "Why not place the spare parts of units as defenses?" This seemed to be a good idea and they did it. Vulcan towers were equipped with cannons designed for a Titan but it worked. Nod was forced to retreat at least two miles. Nod decided that a missile attack would destroy the defenses. Later that day the GDI soldiers could here the missile coming. It destroyed the front gate, two guard towers, some defenses and an infantry squad that was training near the gate. But most of the defenses still stood and Nod had to accept the fact that they wouldn't overtake the base within at least a month.
GDI forces started to repair the base, after nine days they were ready. Nod tried to attack a few more times that month but they were unsuccessful.

Chapter 7 - Infiltrated

The base received reinforcements, finally. It was a group of soldiers that came from the European continent. They were very excited about getting here, except for one person. He just stood there, looking around, waiting for something to happen. A soldier approached the man. "Impressive, not?" He said. "No!" Did he reply. Everybody looked towards him. "Excuse me?" The soldier said. "It's disorganized!" the man said. "Well what do you expect, we're under attack almost every day! We have no time to be organized." The man proceeded towards the barracks.
The next day the commanding officer of the base had called for a staff meeting. Every high ranked officer was there. The commanding officer told the rest that he suspected that they had been infiltrated. Everybody was shocked, how could anyone infiltrate this base? That moment one of the new soldiers walked into the room. "What the hell are you doing here? This is a private meeting! Get out." "I think not." "What do you mean?" "From this moment this is a hostage situation." He ripped open his jacket and you could see a lot of dynamite on him. Every officer was shocked, somebody had infiltrated the base." An officer asked the guy if he was from Nod. He got hit in the face. "Shut up!" was the reply. The guy told them that he claimed the base for Nod and that he wanted every officer in that room to sign a document. When he finished placing a document in front of each officer a sound was heard. The sound of glass breaking. Immediately the guy fell on the floor. He was shot by a GDI sniper. Dead in an instant.

Chapter 8 - Death from above (Ion storm approaching)

The sixth month of the year arrived and with it a season of Ion storms. These storms caused havoc in the base, most defenses and vehicles would be destroyed by lightning. But GDI had worked hard all year to extend the cave in which the base was partially located. They had extended it to a size in which all vehicles could be stored. This was to help them to reduce the damage they had suffered every year by these storms. When the first storm hit everything was okay. Not much damage and a few craters. It seemed they were successful in protecting their units. A few storms came and didn't do much damage. Then it came, the biggest storm in a decade. It seemed to be attracted by the base. Lightning struck a guard tower. The people in it were killed. The powerplant's got hit several times, but they survived. The entrance of the cave got hit, a small collapse which didn't do much damage was the result. But then it happened, a lightning bolt hit the ceiling of the cave. It collapsed. The vehicles were destroyed and there were about 270 deaths. Even more casualties. GDI issued a state of alert and immediately began sending reinforcements to the base before Nod could overtake it. When the reinforcements arrived the storm was over. People immediately started digging out the survivors and the dead. Another ion storm approached the base and they knew they had to be quick.

Chapter 9 - Chemical warfare

Nod decided to take some "drastic" action. The would use a chemical missile during an attack. The day that the attack was planned for came. Nod had gathered an impressive attack force. But compared to the force at the Rising Sun base, it seemed to be small. Nod took out a couple of outpost's, again. The units at the base responded with a counter attack. The Nod force was dealt with quickly and no Nod survivors were spotted. But because the base units moved out the base became an "easy" target. A second nod force, bigger than the first, attacked the base from the east, taking out two guard towers and a few units. The base units attacked and also defeated this force. A third Nod attack force appeared from where the first force had also come. This one was big! The force destroyed most outpost's and almost destroyed the entire base force before they too were stopped. Then the "screaming" sound appeared again, a missile. Only this time it was a chemical missile. It wiped out half the people on the base and damaged at least 70 percent of the buildings. Nod thought they were victorious so they send in a small recon force. The recon force was destroyed. Nod had failed again.

Chapter 10 - Underground trouble

The base was in need of repairs. A specialized repair team from the space station Philadelphia arrived. This team could repair entire bases in less then a week. So this base should be repaired within a month. There were reports of small quakes but they weren't a threat. At least, that's what they thought. An engineer was inspecting the underground water wells when another quake appeared. A small part of a wall in the cave collapsed. A modified Devil's Tongue could be seen. The engineer climbed back to the surface and notified his superiors. Action was taken.

The EM Pulse cannon was fired. Then a small force of infantry was lowered into the cave. They saw Nod units walking around in the cave and in the tunnels that Nod created. The Nod soldiers looked up and grabbed their guns. But before they could aim, the GDI infantry force shot them. The Nod soldiers had placed tubes into the water that came from out the tunnels. All of a sudden the water turned green. The GDI infantry force quickly moved down one of the tunnels. The came to a cave filled with all sorts of machines. Many of them had a symbol on them. The symbol for chemical products. Nod was poisoning the water. The force could not contact the base because of interference. They had to destroy the chemical plant themselves. One of the men returned to the base to inform everybody about the poisoned water. The men that stayed were to destroy the plant. They set C4 charges all around the plant. Then they returned to the water wells, placing charges in the tunnels so that the poison would not come into contact with the water. They went back to the surface and blew up the plant. It was buried deep within the earth. The water got purified and Nod didn't attack for an entire month.

Chapter 11 - Nod attack

After that month Nod started to attack again. The first attacks were stopped and it seemed that Nod didn't have anything better to attack with. After a few weeks Nod became more aggressive and the attacking forces became bigger. At first, Nod added just a few units, but later on they added up to 40 units. The base was heavily damaged and they didn't know if they could withstand another attack. At night you could hear Nod buggy's driving around and infantry units talking to each other. This was disturbing, you could hear them but you couldn't see them. Then when the morning came you could see an immense attack force standing only 25 miles from the base. GDI troops got them self ready for a possible attack. For hours nothing happened and everybody at the base began to think that Nod was just trying to impress them. Then the attack force started moving. Within minutes several outposts were destroyed. A whole battalion of tick tank's moved over a minefield.
An awesome explosion was the result, destroying half of the battalion and damaging the rest. A second battalion of tick tank's moved in. Nod had not anticipated that there was a second minefield, the second battalion was destroyed. An infantry squad move closer to the base, but they had not seen the camouflaged vulcan tower. They were shot to pieces. GDI had some sniper's in the guard towers, who took out most of the infantry. Nod deployed some artillery units and started to fire at the defenses. GDI responded by firing their EM Pulse cannon. The artillery was disabled for a few minutes. A Devil's Tongue appeared right in front of the base. All grenade towers fired upon it. A violent explosion destroyed part off the wall where the Devil's Tongue had stood. Leaving a part of the base open to attacks. GDI put some Titan's in front of the hole to protect the base. A third battalion of Nod tick tank's moved in. They destroyed the remaining outposts and most of the defenses. But they too were stopped.

Chapter 12 - Time to go

For a couple of months now, mutants had stayed at the base. They couldn't leave because of the constant attacks by Nod. But the mutants wanted to leave after such a long time. GDI command decided that a task force would escort them to a "safe" place out of range from the base. The "escorting" was to take place at night. When it became dark a scouting party went ahead off task force to see if there was any sign of Nod. About ten minutes after the scouting party left, the sky turned red. A few seconds later you could hear the explosion, a big one! Nod had attacked the scouting party. The mutants became nervous, they wanted to leave as soon as possible. The task force decided to scout on their own. The mutants would have to wait. The task force proceeded to the point where the scouting party was attacked. It wasn't Nod who attacked the scouting party, it were mutant's. They explained the task force that the mutant's they were to escort, were renegade mutant's. They had done stuff that just wasn't acceptable. So they were sentenced to death, only they escaped. The task force decided to hand the renegade mutant's over to the other mutant's. A plan was made. The task force returned to the base and told the mutant's that it was safe. The explosion they had seen was that of a mine. The renegade mutant's didn't suspect a thing. The task force and the renegade mutant's moved out. Out into the night. After a few minutes they came to the point where the task force had met the other mutant's. They decided to "wait" for a moment. The renegade mutant's sat down and immediately the other mutant's appeared and captured the renegade's. The plan had worked.

Chapter 13 - Ignored mistake

A convoy was to arrive at the base this day from the south. It did. The convoy was to get certain "items" from the base. This meant that security had to be increased. The convoy arrived at 10AM and the troops immediately started loading the stuff into the trucks. This was done in about two hours. When the convoy was loaded they started to move out. They were to leave the base through the northern entrance. After twelve minutes Nod forces appeared. "We want our technology back." one of the Nod soldiers shouted. GDI responded by firing a cannon at the buggy in which the man stood. It was blown into pieces. Nod started attacking the convoy and GDI defended it. The Nod force wasn't that big so after a few minutes they were defeated. But how could they have come here? The area was protected and sensor sweeps didn't show anything. Then they saw it. A cave! Nod had been digging a tunnel from their own base to this place. The cave was probably their for the last month, but how could they not have seen it? This was definitely a mistake an action had to be taken. When the escort returned to the base the leader of them immediately reported the incident to his superiors. But they said that he should just forget it ever happened. "We can't have supreme command knowing of this "incident". Because if they do, well you know what happens then!" The soldier knew what would happen and informed his men about this. They all agreed not to talk about the incident.

Chapter 14 - Trouble in the air

It was a sunny day, not to hot, not to cold. Everybody was in a good mood. But something went wrong. A fuel tank placed near a few power generators exploded, causing the power level to drop to less then 70 percent. Repair teams started fixing the generators as fast as they could but it would take at least half a day to get to a 100 percent power level. Nod had watched the explosion and knew that too. They immediately responded with an air attack. The repair teams needed another hour to complete the repairs when the alarm went. An air attack! They placed several hover mlrs' around the base as an anti air defense system. It didn't help that much. The men saw the first airplanes coming from behind the mountains. The first thing that was destroyed was the radar facility, then the hover mlrs' were destroyed. As soon as that happened another wave of aircraft appeared. They destroyed about 90 percent of all sam sites. GDI only took out about five aircraft. Nod had won this battle. GDI supreme command dispatched ten repair teams to get the base up and running.
But before they arrived Nod had sent in an attack force. They were vicious. When they had destroyed most of the base defenses they went back to their own base. Nod knew that taking the base now would lead to a total war between both sides. GDI supreme command dispatched even more repair teams and sent in several midsized attack forces to defend the base. Nod didn't attack for the next few days. GDI was relieved about that. It helped getting the base operational very quickly.

Chapter 15 - Support

There was a battle going on, a fierce one. Nod had come out of nowhere with an army as big as the one at the base, possibly even bigger. Many hours of fighting had passed and there were only a few units left on both sides. Then it happened. Nod got reinforced by an army even bigger than the first. The commander of the base immediately called for backup. "We need reinforcements! I repeat, we need reinforcements." "Nod has us outnumbered us with ten to one!" "We need reinforcements NOW" Nod units advanced every second. It looked like this time GDI was going to lose. Then a whole battalion of drop pods dropped out of the skies destroying a couple of Nod units with it. Specialized railgun commando's jumped out off the pods and started to shoot at the Nod force. It seemed that GDI was lucky. Nod still advanced and with heavy losses they managed to kill every railgun commando. Once more it seemed that Nod would win. All off a sudden a sound made everybody look up. GDI supreme command had decided to use the ion cannon. A second later it hit the ground. Wiping out half the Nod force and leaving a huge crater in the land. Nod kept on fighting and pushed through to within two miles of the base. Then four drop pods fell from the sky. There were commando units inside the drop pods who were even more powerful than the railgun commandos. These were the elite among the elite. Within a matter of minutes the entire Nod force was destroyed. Only one death among the commando's. GDI had won.

Chapter 16 - Confrontation

GDI celebrated their victory for several days in a row and Nod didn't attack. Untill that day. A Nod attack force appeared at the horizon. Bigger than any force had ever been. GDI had detected the force and the base immediatly went on full alert. However, since the base wasn't fully up to strength it would be a close call when it came to a fight. The Nod attack force moved in at a speed of 50 miles per hour. The force would reach the base within two and a half hours. GDI prepared for the oncoming battle, they had to be quick. Units were placed on strategic locations. After two hours the Nod attack force stopped, the artillery units were deployed. At the GDI base everybody began to laugh, no artillery unit was able to fire at the base from that range! But the laughter soon faded. Within seconds of their deployment the artillery units started to fire. GDI was shocked. The guard towers were the first to be destroyed. A whole battalion of Titan's moved out to the artillery units and after ten minutes they reached the attack force. Within a matter of minutes the battalion of titans was destroyed. GDI quickly dispatched five other battalions of Titan's. They proceeded to the Nod attack force. All the artillery units were destroyed, but a few seconds later the last Titan was destroyed. The Nod attack force moved closer to the base and destroyed all the defenses, losing only a few of their units. The attack force positioned themselves in a row and were about to attack when a few units appeared from behind the attack force. These were new experimental GDI units, called "the mole". This unit could move underground and had a fantastic arsenal of weapons. A fireball-launcher to fry infantry, a 120mm cannon to destroy units and bases and a rocket launcher to destroy air targets. The new units immediatly started to attack the Nod attack force and within minutes it was destroyed. However, the entire northern wall was destroyed during the attack and casualties were in high numbers.

Chapter 17 - Face to face

Nod had become troublesome in the last months. Especially since they "introduced" their new unit the laser trooper, as a response to the "Mole". This type of soldier was very powerfull. When put into groups of five they could easily destroy a tank without losing one of their own. At first GDI didn't know what to do and Nod destroyed about a quarter of the outposts. Then GDI came up with an idea, why not fire the EMP cannon at them? Nod attacked again after several days and GDI fired the EMP cannon. It worked, the laser troopers were paralysed. Knowing that they could not win this time, Nod retreated. Nod would attack almost every day but the laser troopers weren't seen anymore. But after about two weeks they returned. GDI immediatly fired the EMP cannon, without success. Nod had figured out a way to counter the effect of being hit by an EMP cannon. This was not good, not good at all. Nod gained ground and once again they were close to taking over the base. In front of the base stood a sign; "Trespassers will be shot". A nod laser trooper shot the sign to pieces. At that moment the northern gate of the base opened. Behind it stood 25 railgun commando's who immediatly started to fire. Before the Nod force could react half of them was taken out, the rest fled. GDI had won again.

Chapter 18 - Final approach (Doomsday)

For month's there were no Nod attacks untill the base recieved a message from high command. Nod was gathering it's army in one spot. The Nod base that was located within 300 miles of the GDI base. The entire area had turned red on the radar. The GDI base was to recieve reinforcements from all across the globe. Within a month GDI had send thousand's of units to the base. But Nod still recieved reinforcements. There was no doubt that this was to be the final battle. The base kept getting reinforcements and so was the Nod base. After a few month's the Nod force began moving. GDI went on full alert. All unit's were operational. Nod moved closer and closer to the base, they stopped at a distance of 50 miles. Destroying a few outposts that stood within their range. GDI forces moved to 13 miles outside the base.

The "screaming" sound could be heard again. Everybody knew that when that missile would hit it's target and explode, the battle would begin. The missile hit the GDI barracks. The battle had started. Nod forces moved in, ahead were the faster units like raider buggy's and attack cycles. After that came the tanks and after that, the artillery. Artillery projectiles hit the base and GDI moved out. The artillery was to be their first target however, they would have to get through at least 38 battalions of tick tank's. No problem though, GDI had 43 Titan battalions. After a few hours the Titan's finally pushed through and came to the artillery. At that time, two missile's struck the area and the Titan's were destroyed. Nod had succeeded in pushing through to the base with buggy's. The started to attack the infantry. A dropship landed. From out it came a whole battalion of elite troopers. The Deathsquad, as Nod would call them. They immediatly started attacking random base targets, yes they were Nod. GDI would not win this fight...

Chaptor 19 - Victorious

Nod continued to attack the base and GDI was heavily outnumbered. Then reinforcement's came. A few battalion's of Titan's and a battalion of Mole's. GDI had a chance once again. The elite troopers were quickly killed and almost all the buggy's were whiped out. Then Nod launched another missile, it destroyed a big part of the base and with it a lot of units. Nod had the advantage again, but not long. The remaining GDI units were fierce, for every GDI unit that was destroyed, ten Nod units were destroyed. The EMP cannon was fired on a battalion of artillery that had just came into reach. A couple of grenadiers hurried to the spot and started to attack the Nod units. After a few minutes only a handfull of units was left.

They fled, GDI had won. GDI supreme command gave the order to destroy the Nod base in the area. The units moved out. They recieved reinforcement's, three battalions of Titan's, four battalions of Wolverine's, two battalions of railgun commando's and six battalions of grenadiers. Air support would be provided by a base that was closer to the Nod base. The attack force had come to the Nod base and was ready to attack. GDI supreme command told them to wait, the ion cannon would be used first. The troops positioned themselves to attack formation. The ion cannon was fired, it destroyed 35 percent of the base and ten percent of the units. This was their signal to attack. Within little time the entire attack force had reached the base and started to fire. The remaining Nod units put up a good fight, but it didn't help. The base was destroyed and the units destroyed. GDI had won the war! Nod was defeated. Forever.

Chapter 20 - Resurrection

Month's had passed since the defeat of Nod. There still were remaining groups of Nod soldiers but they didn't cause to many problems and were dealt with after a year. GDI kept on developing their technology and made several new units. You could hear stories from people claming that they had seen Nod soldiers, but everybody knew Nod was defeated. A few weeks after the defeat of Nod a huge explosion destroyed a GDI base. Fortunatly this was only an outpost and GDI said that it was an accident. But soon after that another explosion wiped out a base, only this time it wasn't an outpost. Again GDI claimed that it was an accident but they had their doubts. Several weeks passed and all was quiet. GDI had managed to create peace across the globe. But after a few weeks the explosions began again, taking out base after base. GDI didn't know who the enemy was and decided to reinforce all of their bases to make sure that no attack had a chance of success. Then all of a sudden GDI bases recieved a message on their vidscreens. A scorpion and a message; "Resurrection".
GDI was shocked, this was impossible. Then a second message appeared and a computer generated voice repeated it over and over....

Chapter 21 - We bring you immortality

"We bring you immortality!" Was the message? Immediately after that the radar screens showed red spots which grew rapidly. Africa, Latin America, most part's of Asia and a small part of Europe turned red. There was no doubt; Nod was back in full force. And this time they were more powerful than ever before. GDI supreme command called for a meeting between the highest ranking commanders and the leaders of countries that didn't ally with Nod. They talked for hours; the end result wasn't pretty. In order to defeat Nod again, the countries had to spend more money on warfare. GDI decided that the Mammoth MK4d (A much better one than the MK2) would go in to full production. New airplanes would be constructed and infantry were to be trained more quickly. Two days after the message had appeared, Nod send out a second one. Kane could be seen on the screens this time. "GDI has defeated us for the last time!" And in a minute after that, the space station Philadelphia was destroyed by four ICBM's. Commanders, scientists and all other personnel were killed. This was not good. Kane continued; "We have destroyed your precious Philadelphia. Now the era of Nod can begin!" GDI ordered every country to go in to a state of alert. This was more than war; this was a fight for existence!

Chapter 22 - Inevitable

Then it came, the first battle nobody, except for Nod, wanted. Nod had dispatched at least thirteen battalions of their new heavy tanks. They moved to the Rising Sun base at high speed and by dawn they had reached it. They had destroyed all defenses but had some losses themselves. Waiting for the attack force, were ten battalions of Titan's, six battalions of Wolverine's and fourteen battalions of infantry. The battle was about to start. When an incoming missile killed all infantry divisions and damaged several Titan's. This was the sign for Nod to attack. The heavy tanks destroyed unit after unit and GDI didn't seem to do much damage. GDI Orca's started to bomb the Nod force but they were shot out of the air after passing the force a few times. It became dark; Nod had destroyed most of the GDI units and was about to destroy the remaining units when GDI dispatched a battalion of Mole's. The Mole's destroyed a lot of Nod units, after a few minutes Nod had destroyed the battalion. The tank's started to attack the remaining GDI units. After only a few minutes they were victorious. Nod had won. But a GDI Hunter-Seeker droid destroyed the remaining Nod units. They had almost won and because of that Kane was furious.

Chapter 23 - Crazy ways

Nod attacked before sunrise. Three missiles's hit the base, destroying a couple of buildings, a few battalions of vehicles and a lot of infantry. Then the attack force came, four battalions of suicide commando's. They moved closer to the base and destroyed a great number of air defenses. Nod Banshee fighters moved in, destroying two battalions of Wolverine's, a few buildings and some infantry units. The battalion of suicide commando's moved closer. One of them stepped on a mine; the result was a huge explosion that lit up part of the sky. Two-suicide commando's moved to the east. They were trying to get to the other side of the base.
GDI reacted by firing a grenade to the south of their position, they stopped. Another two tried to move to the west. A Titan fired it's weapon at them but they didn't stop. A small pack of Wolverine's attacked the two with success. The two-suicide commando's on the other side had moved to the south. GDI had not noticed this. The two managed to destroy a couple off defenses and a guard tower before they were stopped. Then the remaining suicide commando's moved in, they moved away from each other, making it more difficult to defeat them. GDI took out three of them before they did any serious damage. The suicide commando's destroyed two guard towers and a lot of defenses. GDI send out another pack of Wolverine's to deal with them. They managed to take out three-suicide commandos. Then Nod attacked again with an airstrike. It destroyed the Wolverine's and a couple of Titan's. A special commando who had stayed at the base for several days now, were send in. He killed six of the suicide commando's before he got shot, he was heavily wounded and GDI units took him back into the base. The suicide commando's destroyed even more defenses. GDI decided to deploy every unit they had. They managed to destroy the entire suicide commando's but sustained heavy casualties.

Chapter 24 - Ranks

In the last few months there had been many attacks. They were won but critical errors were made. These errors had caused unnecessary deaths and destruction. GDI command was shocked by this, this was supposed to be their best base! How could it have come to this? GDI studied every battle and found out that the ranks were confusing. The uniform of a general looked like that of a private first class. This had to be changed and so GDI ordered the people who had designed the uniform's to design new ones. It would take at least six months to create and introduce them. Before the new uniforms were available the base was attacked again. Nod had gathered a lot of old units and inexperienced soldiers. They wouldn't do much damage but Nod had to get rid of them. Nod had captured several GDI unit's in all the battles between them and GDI. These were also put in to action. The Nod unit's moved to the eastern side of the base, hoping to have more chance there. Then they started to attack, GDI defenses took out more than half of the unit's, but they kept coming. A general ordered by handsignal's a battalion of infantry to start attacking. They didn't respond, they thought he was a private first class. This lead to the destruction of the eastern wall. Behind the wall stood several fuel storage tanks. Nod unit's started to fire at it and a huge explosion was the result. Killing an entire battalion of infantry and destroying some vehicles. GDI attacked the force immediately causing them to lose many units's before they could flee the battle. GDI command was once again shocked. Seven months later the new uniform's arrived.

Chapter 25 - From the south

A convoy which transported a battalion of new units was to arrive from the south. The soldiers at the base had been preparing for a few weeks, training and simulating. But today it was going to happen, and everybody was sure of it that Nod would attack. At 9am the convoy would move through Casey's canyon, at 5pm it would arrive at the base. The base received a message at 8:57am that the convoy would start it's movement through the canyon, they would make contact with the base every 15 minutes. At 9:15am the first message was send, everything was going well. At 9:30am came the second, at 9:45am the third. But at 10:00am the base received no message. The base immediately went on full alert but at 10:03am they received a message. It stated that the batteries were empty and they had to replace them, the alert was canceled. At 11:45am the convoys send a message telling that they would be delayed due to an accident. The first truck, which carried infantry, had hit a hole in the ground and fell over. They had to get it back on its wheel's before they could proceed. At 12:30pm the base received a message that the convoy was on it's way again. At 12:43pm they received another message, they were under attack by Nod forces and were outnumbered. Reinforcements were required. The base went on full alert and several battalion's of unit's moved out to Casey's canyon.

Chapter 26 - Casey's Canyon

An hour later the unit's arrived at Casey's canyon and they could see smoke coming out of it. The unit's kept moving down the canyon and after half an hour they arrived at the battlefield. Nod was already attacking several trucks, which carried the new units. They battalion's quickly started attacking different Nod target's. Nod responded to this and stopped firing at the convoy, this gave the convoy a change to escape. A battalion of Titan's was attacking some artillery units while another battalion of Titan's was attacking tick tanks. Wolverine unit's attacked infantry units, which tried to attack the convoy. While the convoy had already moved several miles from the battle, Nod had launched a missile. Many units do, including there own, had been destroyed, and because of the blast the walls of the canyon collapsed. Destroying a few units's from each side. The convoy kept moving and sent a message to the base saying that they needed more reinforcements. Another battalion of Titan's was dispatched. Nod had sent in a second attack force, making it a race against time for the convoy.

While several units were still fighting, the convoy had moved at least 40 miles away. Within an hour they would be at the end of the canyon. The battalion of Titan's had arrived there and was starting to move down the canyon when they saw the convoy. Only to find out that they were followed by an attack force, which they couldn't defeat. They contacted the base and said they needed at least five battalion's of Titan's, the battalion's were on their way to the convoy. The few units's which were still fighting a while ago in the canyon had destroyed each other. The convoy arrived at the end of the canyon while being attacked from behind. The five battalion's of Titan's had arrived at the same spot and started to attack the Nod force. After twenty minutes the Nod force was destroyed. The remaining unit's escorted the convoy to the base for the rest of the way. Two Titan's went half a mile ahead of the convoy, they would signal the convoy if there was trouble. The convoy was about ten minutes underway when half a mile in front of them an explosion occurred. One of the two Titan's ahead probably had stepped on a mine. The convoy decided to take a small detour because of a probable minefield planted by Nod. After two hours the convoy had arrived at the base and the new units were unloaded.

Chapter 27 - Testing in action

Now that the new unit's had arrived, they had to be tested. After three days an opportunity came along. Nod decided to attack the base again and GDI took advantage. The Nod attack force came to a stop at ten miles from the base. The artillery units were deployed and they started to fire. A guard tower was taken out before GDI responded. They dispatched two battalion's of Titan's, they were to take out the artillery and after a fierce battle they finally did. The remaining Titan's retreated to the base, and then another two battalion's were to take out several other units. After twenty minutes they had destroyed at least 25 percent of the Nod force before they were destroyed themselves. After that GDI was confident enough to dispatch the new units. They first dispatched a new type of mech called the Devastator; it could fire several projectiles in rapid succession. The unit moved to the enemy and started to fire, within second's an enemy unit was destroyed and within a minute the unit had destroyed four enemy units. The unit got destroyed but this wasn't to bad since it was just a prototype. The second unit was dispatched, it had two light railgun's and was intended as an anti infantry unit. However, since there were no infantry units were left it had to attack vehicles. The unit was able to destroy two unit's before it got destroyed itself. GDI dispatched several other new units and they turned out to be very effective. GDI had a better chance against Nod.

Chapter 28 - Lock out

Nod was not pleased with their results, there had to be a weak spot in the base. The only problem was that they didn't know where. Until the day came that GDI supreme command sent a message to the GDI base. The message stated that the base was to receive new software for their network. Nod immediately knew what GDI's weak spot was, their computers. After all, in these times, where there is a network there is a link to the outside world. The Nod base got reinforcement's off hackers, programmers and everybody else who was good with computers. They made a highly advanced network on which these people would work. In the night Nod engineers would work on laying down a line to connect to the GDI network. After four days they found GDI's link to the outside world. The Nod engineers quickly tapped the line and headed back to the base. When they got back the hackers immediately started to infiltrate the network, after five hours they were in. It took them another eight hours to know how to work in this network, and after a full day, they were able to execute commands. Back in the GDI base everything went well. GDI had send out a scouting party and a patrol party. When they returned, the guard at the gate tried to lower it but he found out that he was unable to do so.

GDI engineers tried to find and fix the problem but they couldn't. After a few minutes the spotlights went out. GDI was uncertain as to what to do, so they called high command. They decided to send in a squad of their best computer expert's, they were to arrive within two hours. Only a couple of minutes after the call was made the alarm sounded, Nod had activated the self-destruct sequence and set it to two hours and ten minutes. The commander of the base ordered several units's to try and find anything out of the ordinary; the units went out to search. After twenty minutes the base got a call from them, they had found the problem; the link to the outside world was tapped, probably by Nod. The commander told them to fix the problem and they did so. But the self-destruct sequence was still running and they couldn't shut it down. Only 31 minutes before self-destruct the computer expert's arrived, they immediately went to work. Two minutes before self-destruct the expert's were still busy and it seemed as if they wouldn't succeed. Only two second's before self-destruct they had fixed the problem and the base was saved once again.

Chapter 29 - Water supply

The sixth month of the year had arrived again and the ion storms with it. This year was even worse than last year and the ion storms did more damage then ever before. GDI had anticipated this and had reinforced the armor of buildings. After a full month the ion storms were over and GDI began repairing the base. Within just two weeks time the base was fully repaired and the only thing they still had to do was to inspect the water wells. A team of engineers was lowered into the underground cave. They found out that a crack had formed on the bottom of the cave, through which the water had found it's way. All of it was gone, no more water. GDI immediately began searching for a replacement of their wells. After a full day of discussing the problem they came to the conclusion that filling the crack with cement would do. Five teams of engineers were lowered into the cave and started to work, after two days the crack was sealed.
GDI had selected a place from which they would transport water, it was Lake Tusenka. The trip they would have to make was about 650 miles long and there would be many places along the route where Nod could ambush the convoy. GDI supreme command decided to build defenses along the route so it would be protected, they also send five battalions of Titan's. The first time the tanker's left the base everything went well and when they returned the base had a small celebration. But they knew that Nod would attack some time and hoped that Nod wouldn't succeed. GDI had accomplished to make six trip's without being attacked, but on the seventh trip trouble came along, Nod had shown up in full force. The convoy immediately called the base telling them that they needed reinforcements. Thirteen battalion's of Titan's and six battalion's of Wolverine's had been dispatched, they would arrive in two hours. In the meantime route defenses would have to defend the convoy until the GDI force arrived. Nod managed to destroy an entire section of defenses along the route but by the time they had done that, the GDI force had arrived. The fighting immediately began and Nod sustained heavy losses. After 47 minutes GDI was able to destroy the last Nod unit, the attack was averted.

Chapter 30 - Dud

Intelligence showed that Nod was working on a new type of missile, a chemical-multicluster missile. This one was more deadly than eight nuclear missiles. Upon impact the missile would release several smaller projectiles containing toxic gasses. Nod had already tested it on an abandoned city and it proved to be a problem for GDI. Nod decided to use the missile on the GDI base. Spies informed GDI of this and counter measures were taken. All unnecessary personnel was brought to other bases and structures were reinforced. GDI high command had sent in a specialized task force a few days before, their objective was to destroy the missile, retrieve the data and delete it from Nod's computer, they had failed. The alarm sounded on the GDI base; the missile was to impact in ten minutes. GDI quickly made some last reinforcements and left the base. The base had been cut from power and food supplies were already taken to other bases. The missile could be seen on the horizon and within minutes it impacted in the base. Nothing! It was a dud! GDI was amazed and confused, why would Nod do something like that? Then it became clear; an immense attack force had appeared at the horizon. Nod had hoped to take over the base fully intact. GDI immediately started to take strategic positions. The Nod attack force moved closer and after a few minutes the two sides were fighting. Nod took out most of the GDI Titan's that were still at the base. Several Nod artillery units were taken out and there wasn't a single infantry unit left among the Nod force. Nod got reinforcements and it didn't look good for GDI. GDI supreme command had fired the ion cannon and most of the Nod unit's were destroyed. GDI attacked the remaining Nod units and after a few more minutes they had won, again.

Chapter 31 - Toxic devastation (spirits of the dead)

A few days later intelligence showed that Nod had indeed developed a chemical-multicluster missile. GDI was afraid of it's potential and decided to destroy the missile and the information about it. But before they could do that Nod had already launched the missile and it was heading for a big city. The entire population died from toxic gasses. GDI decided that a task force from the Rising Sun base should take a look and report back. The team went in and found nothing strange at first, but later on GDI command received strange messages from the team. They all talked about hearing voices and seeing people. GDI told the soldiers to come back but they didn't reply. All that GDI received from the team after that was a message that said; "We are the spirits of the dead". GDI decided to mark the area as a class 1 nuclear catastrophe area and surrounded it by walls. A few days later a second city was hit, no survivors again. Another task force was sent in but they too didn't return, except for one person. When he returned to the base the others immediately began noticing strange things about him. His skin was white as the light from a nuclear explosion; he talked to himself and seemed to be more or less "not from this world". Then after a few days he did something nobody would expect, he killed fourteen others and blew up several buildings. Fortunately the others could stop him before he did any more damage. He was put in a cell and once in it he kept talking about "spirits of the dead".

Chapter 32 - An ally

The war against Nod had lasted longer than anybody had expected and people were getting tired of it. All around the world people demonstrated against the war except for some Asian countries. They weren't involved in the war and would like to remain so. Then all of a sudden some of the countries decided to join GDI. This was a turning point for GDI; they could build more units and upgrade their science centers. Nod didn't like this and declared war on those countries. A few days later a massive Nod attack force stopped at the border of one of those countries. An invasion was sure to come. GDI sent reinforcements to the country and managed to get a few bases established before Nod attacked. A few days later Nod started to invade the country, killing and destroying everything in sight. They soon arrived at a small GDI base, within minutes it was destroyed. Nod moved further into the country and just days after they had started the invasion they reached the capitol. It was already heavily fortified by GDI and taking it over didn't seem that easy. Nod started to attack; they destroyed several defenses and a couple of GDI battalion's. GDI was fighting more aggressive than they had ever done but it seemed that they were going to lose. But GDI command had anticipated this and had sent reinforcement's. A new Mammoth MK4d, the best unit on the whole planet. It arrived just in time and immediately started to attack Nod. Destroying unit after unit and getting only minor damage itself it managed to turn the tide. After a full day of fighting Nod was defeated and GDI had gained an important victory. A new ally.

Chapter 33 - Deception

Weeks past by and GDI had won almost every battle against Nod, it seemed that Nod would be defeated by the end of the year. GDI came close to discovering the co-ordinates of Nod's base of operations. But before they found that out several important battles had to be fought. The Rising Sun base got attacked once more and GDI was more prepared than ever. Nod came moving in with a huge army and started to attack defenses. Within an hour they had destroyed all defenses without losing unit's themselves. This seemed strange but GDI thought it was just luck. Nod attacked the base and within minutes they had destroyed the entire northern wall, several guard towers and a lot of GDI unit's. GDI got suspicious and instead of defending the base they attacked the Nod attack force. A big mistake, they all got destroyed and a huge section of the base as well. GDI fired the ion cannon but only a few Nod units's got destroyed. Fortunately, GDI had been able to build a second ion cannon from the new funding they had received and this one destroyed the remaining units. Later on scouting parties found a computer disk that contained orders for the just defeated Nod attack force. It said that they had received information about GDI's defenses and unit's from a certain GDI "ally". GDI supreme command had known this for a while but they had no proof to do something about it. With the proof, GDI called for an emergency meeting and informed the rest about country. The country was banned from meetings and GDI would make sure that they never could communicate with Nod again.

Chapter 34 - Dawn of the end

At a distance of 600 miles from the Rising Sun base was a Nod base. GDI Supreme command decided that this was not acceptable and an attack force would have to destroy the base. But that never happened, Nod attacked the GDI base every day so everybody was needed there. Nod had been attacking all night long and everybody was tired, but the battle continued. Most of the base defenses were off-line but Nod seemed to weaken. They lost more and more units with every passing minute, then they received reinforcements. GDI also got reinforcements; 40-drop pods fell from the sky landing on several enemy units. GDI commando's stepped out of the drop pods and began to attack the Nod forces immediately. Within half an hour most of the Nod unit's were destroyed. But a new attack force arrived and the battle continued. Nod artillery unit's started to fire at remaining defenses and GDI sent out a battalion of Titan's to stop them. The Titan's came close enough to the artillery units and started to fire, taking out several artillery units before they were destroyed. A new battalion of GDI Titan's was dispatched and they finished what the first failed to do, then they started attacking the Nod Tick tanks. Nod units opened fire upon the Titan's and they were quickly destroyed, Nod now pointed its attention at the remaining "heavy" units. After a few minutes these were all destroyed except for a few, GDI infantry managed to take out several Nod units. A few minutes later GDI received reinforcement's and they took out most Nod unit's. The rest fled, GDI had won but at a high cost, many deaths and the base were badly damaged.

Chapter 35 - Infinity and beyond

After three weeks GDI had repaired the base, new units were sent to it and supplies were back to full. For a few days everything was calm and almost everybody thought that Nod wouldn't attack anymore but they were wrong, Nod showed up at dawn at the horizon. Everybody at the base prepared themselves and tried to concentrate on the upcoming battle. Nod showing up at the horizon had become a ritual, a sign for the troops to prepare themselves. Nod sent a battalion of artillery unit's ahead to destroy the defenses. After two hours the artillery unit's managed to destroy all defenses but there were only two units's left so they retreated. After that Nod sent out a battalion of Tick tank's to destroy the guard towers at the base and a section of the wall. The Tick tank's reached the base and started to fire upon their targets. GDI quickly dispatched a battalion of Titan's to destroy the tanks. The tank's turned their fire towards the Titan's and destroyed several of them before they were destroyed themselves. GDI dispatched two more battalion's of Titan's to attack the Nod force. They started to fire at the deadliest units and managed to destroy them all before they too were destroyed. The Nod force started to move towards the base and attacked it. The northern wall was taken out again and GDI barely managed to destroy the force.

Chapter 36 - Soldiers from the unknown

Nod hadn't attacked for a few days now and GDI had taken the opportunity to scout the area again. The scouting party was about to leave the base to make their eight patrol. They would return within three hours, but they didn't. A sound came from only four miles from the base, a bright flash was seen in the east after that. GDI couldn't identify it and thought it was a mine, which had exploded. Suddenly several more flashes could be seen all around the base, they appeared to come closer to the base. After three minutes a violent explosion destroyed a guard tower and a section of a wall. Infantry unit's appeared from out of nowhere and started to attack the base, GDI fought back but didn't seem to do much damage. The unknown soldiers kept fighting and took out building after building killing infantry unit's like they were insects. How could this happen? This was impossible! GDI fired the ion cannon on a group of the unknown soldiers and they were disintegrated, GDI fired the second ion cannon and another group was killed. But there were seven soldiers left and they started to destroy the remaining units and buildings. A whole battalion of Titan's was destroyed within a minute, something that only the ion cannon could do. Their weapons fired a strange glowing projectile, which upon impact disintegrated the target. There were not much buildings left and GDI wasn't happy, then all of a sudden the soldiers retreated without a reason and they were never seen again. Nod didn't claim the attack instead; they blamed it on GDI that one of their bases was attacked in the same way.

Chapter 37 - Once more

GDI had been busy for weeks trying to get the base operational again. They managed to get 65 percent up and running again and were close to completion. But funding was an issue that not everybody agreed on. Several countries decided to stop funding the base because it costed just too much. Further repairs would now take at least a whole year and there always was the chance of Nod attacking the base again by which completion would be delayed. After a few weeks the base was at 70 percent completion. GDI intelligence had shown that Nod was gathering it's forces again and an attack was to be expected within a few days. This wasn't good, since most of GDI's forces were fighting battles in distant countries so reinforcements weren't expected within two weeks. GDI made some quick preparations to the base like more defenses and tires as protection for buildings. Then the day came that the Nod force started to move and GDI forces held their breath. This was a battle, which simply couldn't be lost because if that happened, Nod would gain the upper hand. After three days of their departure the Nod force could be seen on the horizon. The battle was coming and everybody prepared themselves in their own way. After a few hours the Nod force had come to within 50 miles of the base, they established a camp and waited through the night. Dawn came and the Nod force started to move...

Chapter 38 - Inevitable

GDI unit's positioned themselves on their places and were ready for combat, but was it enough? Nod destroyed the first line of defense and GDI dispatched two battalion's of Titan's. The Titan's took out twenty artillery units and Nod responded by attacking them with Tick tanks. The Tick tanks managed to destroy the first battalion before they sustained heavy damage. GDI dispatched four battalions of Wolverine's and they started to attack the infantry units. The remaining Titan's successfully took out a whole battalion of Tick tanks before they got destroyed. The Wolverine's had killed half of the infantry force before the Tick tanks started to attack them, within half an hour they were destroyed. GDI quickly dispatched ten battalion's of grenadiers. By the time they got to the Nod force it had already taken out half of the defenses. Nod Banshee fighters could be seen on the horizon coming closer and closer to the base. The grenadiers managed to destroy three battalion's of artillery units and two battalion's of Tick tanks, but Nod wasn't defeated yet. Nod received reinforcements, three battalion's of artillery units, six battalion's of Tick tanks and thirteen battalion's of infantry units. GDI dispatched the remaining unit's that were at the base. Several Nod Tick tank battalion's were taken out and the artillery was completely destroyed. But Nod had destroyed all Sam sites so Nod aerial units could move in. Scrin fighters took out the remaining defenses before they could do any damage and the ground troops took care of the remaining GDI units. The Tick tanks moved to the base and destroyed several buildings before GDI could fire the ion cannons. All the ground forces were destroyed and with reinforcement's arriving any minute now, Nod gave up. GDI had managed to withstand the final big attack.

Chapter 39 - The sky turned black (The last act)

The base lay in ruins, only a couple of buildings were still standing. Several engineers started to repair structures but this didn't help, by the time it got afternoon Nod had assembled a small attack force once more and started to move towards the base. The unit's that were at the base were informed of this and they all agreed to stand their ground. The Nod attack force came within range of the base and started to attack, killing several GDI infantry unit's. Several GDI troops attacked a battalion of Nod rocket infantry and damaged a few Tick tanks before they got killed themselves. A drop pod fell from the sky and a commando stepped out. She immediately started to fire at Nod infantry; they were shot one by one. But a Devil's Tongue appeared behind the commando and before she could react she was torched, a terrible way to die. The remaining units kept on fighting and managed to destroy several more Nod units. But they too were killed. Nod had sent a demolition expert with the attack force and he started to place C4 charges around the base, a few charges on the barracks, a few on the power plant's and some on the pipes through which the base received oil. The Nod force moved to a safe distance and awaited the command to blow up the base, it came. The demolition expert pressed a button and all the charges detonated. First the barracks, then the power plant's and then the oil pipes. Smoke rised up from the base and it was as black as nothing you had ever seen before. The entire sky turned black, the GDI base had been destroyed.

Chapter 40 - Goodbye's

After several months's GDI still tried to convince the allied countries to launch a full assault on the new base that Nod had build there but they didn't agree. The base had costed too much without doing anything useful. No, it wouldn't be attacked by GDI; too much was at stake right now. GDI supreme command acknowledged that the Rising Sun had set and it would never become dawn again.




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