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By: Andra

Part I
Chapter 1

It was a cold and wet day and the squad of Scottish GI's was waiting for something to happen. Seconds later something did, a Soviet missile came flying into the room! It lay there unexploded and the GI's looked at it. "What are we go goin tae dae 'bout it?" "I dinnae ken!" They ran out of the room to call for support. A while later the missile had been disposed of and they found out that it had a new kind of warhead that was more destructive than the power of 3 Apocalypse Tanks, if the Soviets found a way to mass produce this it would be a major turning point in the war.

Chapter 2

The squad was mobilized the next day. They were sent out on a covert mission to recon the nearest Soviet installment at Banff. This had recently been set up and was the furthest the Soviets had advanced into the UK. There had been rumors flying around the Allies bases about secret new defense mechanisms at this base. Sergeant Thompson was in charge of selecting his man team. He chose: Privates Morton and Hannigan, IT Expert McCann, Commando Stine, a new member of his base Spy Harris and of course himself.

Chapter 3

They set out at night in a modified IFV that can hold up to 10 personnel. They were dropped 2 miles from the base just outside the security net. McCann started to work his magic. He disabled the sensor array and the team snuck in. They got within visual range of the base and activated their stealth devices. Then disaster strikes! Somehow their stealth devices hadn't worked properly and they had been discovered! They made a break for it and escaped although Sergeant Thompson received a shot to his right arm making him unable to shoot back. They shot a good many Conscripts on their way back to their pick-up point and the Night Hawk took out a good few when it came to pick them up.

Chapter 4

Soviets had won that battle. The Allies retreated for a while to recoup and think of a new strategy. They decided to use some under ground transportation that had just been discovered and was made with similar materials to the Night Hawk and was also invisible to radar. Again they went under the cover of night, they went underground just out side their base and got to within a half mile of the base. They were let out and instantly McCann did a scan of the area and found no units in the immediate vicinity. They set out and they could see that the base was heavily fortified. Concrete walls around the base with Sentry Guns, Teslas and a couple of strange new buildings that had never been seen before. They took recon photos of the base and were thinking about whether to go in for more detailed recon.

Part II
Chapter 5

"Should we go in?" "It might be too dangerous, we don't know what those strange buildings are!!!" "Ah f**k it lets go!" They went closer and strange noises began to come from the base "Activate cloaking devices" They got within touching distance of the first guard towers and they had still not been detected. They were up at the gates now and were daunted by the sheer size of them, these were over 40ft tall with a Sentry Gun and a Tesla at either side! They could not decide how to get in and thought it would be better to wait for an enemy unit to come out so they could sneak in.

Chapter 6

At that moment an Apoc Tank comes rolling out of the gates and the squad takes the opportunity, they were in! They took surveillance pictures and saw the size of the base. This was obviously a primary installation in the Soviet invasion, much more than the small out post that it was originally thought to be. Stine the commando had an idea: "Why don't I go in, place explosive charges on primary targets while McCann can be downloading information from their Radar Facility!" "Hmm, You would have to place this chip in the computers, meaning you would have to get right in to the heart of the Facility which is likely to be heavily guarded" said McCann. "I think I can do it, let me try" said Stine. The group agreed to let Stine try out this risky plan.

Chapter 7

Stine is stealthily creeping around the base, approaching the Radar Facility when suddenly he is stopped by a Conscript! "Vat are you doing?" These were the last words the Conscript ever uttered as Stine shot him with his silenced pistol. He "borrowed" his clothes and proceeded to the Facility. In the mean time the rest of the squad were on the other side of the base gathering intelligence and surveying the base. There was basically no way this installation could be taken by a full on assault, it would be easier for a special ops team like themselves to take out the defenses making the base ready for a full on land assault. Stine was at the Radar Facility and was entering it.

Chapter 8

The inside of the Facility had virtually no security equipment as the Russians obviously thought no body would ever get inside their "Fortress". Stine went through killing many guards and coming across no problems. He went through one last corridor and in front of him the main control room was a hive of activity. It looked like he was never going to be able to get close enough to one of these computers even with his disguise. Then he had an idea, if he attached one of his special clamps to the back of the chip and somehow managed to get within 15-20 meters of one of the computers he could throw it and it would attach itself. He walked slowly and inconspicuously up to the nearest computer and attached it, mission complete! He then proceeded to make an inconspicuous exit and met up with the rest of the team.

Part III
Chapter 9

The team were delighted with Stine's success and McCann was at that moment downloading and sending in short 2 sec bursts back to High Command. Now they had to think about an exit that would hopefully let the Soviets know they had just been infiltrated! Stine still had some explosives left and using plastic explosive he moulded them together. They contacted their base and the Night Hawk would be at the pick up point in 10 minutes. Now it was Harris's turn to do something. He hijacked a Flak Track, used to escape through the gates and left them a little present inside it! They were safely picked up and watched the fireworks from the safety of their helicopter.

Chapter 10

High Command was extremely pleased with what they had achieved and put the matter of them not consulting the base for guidance on whether they should attack or not. They were granted 2 weeks leave to take when ever they wanted. Right now though they couldn't wait for some updates on what their operation had achieved. They were told later that day. The damage report was: 15 kills to infantry units, minor damage to tanks and 15% damage to the Radar Facility, Barracks, War Factory and some other light defenses. The front gate was also destroyed.

Chapter 11

The team asked to go out on a follow up mission and permission was granted due to the success of the previous mission. This was to be a big op, a pre-emptive strike to knock out the defenses for a massive land assault. The team started to prepare for their mission which took place in 10 days. High Command were in a slightly less cheerful mood though. There were certain details they had not wished to release to the team. One was they had decided to drop Sergeant Thompson from the squad due to his injury which had worsened since he came back from the second op and could become a liability. The second was that the information they had stolen from the Radar Facility's computer revealed that the Soviets had at least ten of the missiles that had came through their window!

Chapter 12

When they broke the news to Sergeant Thompson he was crushed yet he expected it at the same time. Everyone wondered who was going to replace him when all of a sudden a giant of a man stepped into the room. "gentlemen this is your new Sergeant, Mr Kelly" "Greetings everyone. I have been thoroughly briefed on the situation at hand and hope this all goes well!" The group continued training and had their plan worked out before they left this time!

Part IV
Chapter 13

The group were dropped off by a Night Hawk this time at a location to the south of the base as security had been massively increased at the front side. There was a large open space between the walls at the back and the buildings. This would have to be crossed to reach the main part of the base and would be very dangerous. They activated their cloaking devices and snuck across the space. They got over un detected and McCann set up his equipment. What he was about to do was extrememly difficult. He was to wait for a signal on his computer indicating that old aircraft flying on a pre set course over the base. When he received this he was to watch and take down the co-ordinates of the SAM sites. Then while they were re loading some modified Black Eagles would fly over head and quickly launch some missiles which would hopefully take out the air and some round defensedefense. If this failed Stine was to take the co-ordinates and destroy the SAM's himself. This would leave the base open to a large aerial bombardment obliterating the ground defenses and then the tanks would come in and finish the job, if all this went to plan.......

Chapter 14

A Harrier flew over their head and SAM's all over the base fired at it. McCann had done his part and relayed the co-ordinates back to High Command. Now it was up to the elite squadron of Fighters: The Black Knights. Minutes later 20 fighter planes came roaring across the sky. Right in front of the group the ground opened up! A large construction came out of the ground. It looked like some sort of Missile Launcher. It fired off missiles hitting every single Plane down! It looked like it was time for Plan B. Stine went off to destroy the aerial defenses. He destroyed many of the SAM sites and was headed for the larger Launcher. as he approached it there was an explosion just behind him and he was thrown into the air. He landed hard and felt his left arm break. He looked behind him and there was a huge crater! It can't have been the Allies so it must have been one of the Soviets new missiles. Turns out these Missile Launchers weren't just Anti-Air. It was preparing to fire again and Stine made a run for it. He reached the launcher and it fired at nothing creating another large crater in the ground. Stine had to do something, he would have to use all his remaining C4 to destroy it and miss out the last 2 SAM sites. He planted the C4 and ran back to the rest of the group.

Chapter 15

No one was injurred in the blasts in the group except Stine. They radioed for emergency pick up and left Stine with Sergeant Kelly. A massive blast again ripped through the base decimating many buildings and the remaining two SAM sites. So far their mission was successful. Then Kelly came running up to them and said "Stine has been taken away, High Command have discovered where the Soviets are storing their missiles. It is directly below that structure Stine blew." The group headed towards the crater and saw there was a ramp heading downwards. They went downwards and the room opened up into a large storage space. There was hundreds of the missiles like the ones that were fired. They didn't have any C4 left but they had to do something! They made a crude bomb from materials they pooled together and planted it in the room. They then ran away and were thrown for miles from the blast.

Chapter 16

McCann awoke in a hospital room. "Where am I? What happened to me? Let me at those Soviets!!!" said McCann. A nurse came in and gave him a shot and he fell back into a drug induced sleep. Meanwhile back in Banff Harris was waking up. "Ah I see you have awoken?" said a voice. "Wha...where am I? Wha....What happened?" said Harris. "You have been captured by the Soviet Army and now we are going to interrogate you oh and by the way my name is Major Olga Schlekov" said Major Schlekov. "What were you doing in the base?" said Schlekov. "I will never tell you!" said Harris. At that moment hundreds of volts passed through his body causing immense pain. "Again I will ask you: What were you doing in the base?" said Schlakov. "I will never tell you!" said Harris. "Turn it up" said Schlakov. Again hundreds of volts passed through his body and for longer this time. With Harris sweating and nearly passed out from the pain he managed one final effort "Get lost you Soviet scum, I'll never tell you so just kill me now!" said Harris. And with that final breath Harris slumped forward in his chair dead.

Part V
Chapter 17

McCann kept drifting in and out of sleep, when he finally regained full consciousness he heard the story, everyone in the group had died except for himself and Harris who was still MIA. He couldn't believe what he was hearing, all of them were dead! He vaguely remembered his mission and was able to tell the Commanders of where the missiles were and they found out from later recon photos that they had done so much damage that it was possible to attempt a ground attack! There was still a large amount of defenses but they had a cunning plan. They were to take 20 Mirage Tanks round the sides and hide in the forest, there they would lie in wait until further orders. After that 40 GI's would parachute just outside the base and hopefully attract the attention of the base defense. From there the Prism Tanks would roll in and with the Tesla Coils distracted they would be dead before they could recharge and if all went to plan the Mirages would uncloak and join up with the Prisms taking out the base altogether.

Chapter 18

With the Mirages in place and the Prisms and GI's ready it was do or die time! Then it was time to move, McCann watching from one of the Prism Tanks hoped this would all go well. So far so good, the GI's had dropped in and the base was distracted. From over the horizon came the slow moving Prism Tanks. The front line fired their beams at the base and part of the wall and gate erupted in flames. From there the Mirages rolled in and took out what few tanks they could find. McCann thought this was going well, a little bit too well he thought. All of a sudden over at a Barracks which was considered un important this now a group of 10 Psi-Commandos appeared. "Oh crap, lets get outta here!" screamed McCann but nobody could hear him over the radio! Now it was more evenly matched, with ten of the Prisms fighting against them but they still had a slight advantage with the Mirages. The Allies were winning this battle and had killed the Psi-Commandos bringing the Prisms back under their control, the Soviet base was decimated. The Allies had reclaimed a major part of Scotland!

Chapter 19

With the massive victory over the Soviets the Allies looked as if they might win this war! McCann was awarded with the Victoria Cross and Harris, now presumed dead was posthumously awarded the VC as well. Now that the problem had been solved in Scotland they had to look further afield. The immediate problem was in Minnesota where the Allied base there was all but dead. McCann was sent in to assess the situation When he got there and saw the layout of the terrain he had a brilliant idea! About 30 miles away from the Soviet base there was an extremely steep slope with a flat top. This would be the ideal position for a strategic outpost with the new improved Grand Cannon Mark II. This upgraded weapon was extremely powerful, the designers had gone for power over accuracy meaning that it could kill an Apocalypse Tank in 2 shots but only hitting them 5 times out of ten. McCann set to work on plans for a base and how it would be laid out.




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