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By: Cabal, 26th April 2001

Cabal: Did you enjoy playing Lt. Eva in Red Alert 2?
Yes. Next Question. Just kidding. There were some interesting challenges. This was my first time playing a military officer. She had to be really G.I. - all spit and polish. She even sits at attention. Yet, at the same time I wanted her to be very likeable and appealing - I wanted to keep her feminine, with an occasional encouraging wink or smile. Check out the new expansion disk and you might just catch Lt. Eva Lee letting her hair down...

Another first for me was not having other actors to work with and to work off of. That took some getting used to. I worked with a teleprompter and spoke right into the camera (so I'm speaking directly to the game player). It was a lot of fun and was much easier than I thought it would be.

For the most part, there were no physical sets - I was on stage with a blue-screen and the sets were created digitally. The Director, Joe Kucan, described what the communications bunker would look like after post production. When I saw the game, it looked even better than I envisioned - everyone at Westwood Studios did a fantastic job!

Cabal: What were the highlights?
Getting all the techno-babble right.

Cabal: What did you think about Joe Kucan?
He was a dream! He was calm, controlled, really good with actors, and kept the shoot moving. He's very precise, knows exactly what he wants and knows how to get it.

Cabal: If you could be any other character from any Command and Conquer game who would it be and why?
Hey, I like Lt. Eva Lee. But if I had to be someone else..... I think it would be Kane. I enjoy tapping into my darker side.

Cabal: Out of all the productions you have worked on which ones did you enjoy the most?
I have lots of favorites, but two that come to mind are the movie SHADOW OF A SCREAM and the Showtime series, RED SHOE DIARIES (episode: Slow Train). The two parts were complex characters that were really challenging. Both were fun shoots, with wonderful scripts, directors and talented co-stars that I really felt I connected with

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