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By: Warhound, 14th November 2000

Warhound: When you are controlling a Orca how many weapons will you have (machine gun, rockets)?
It all depends on what the ORCA is equipped with. The standard ORCA fires rockets, but hey you never know what GDI has up its sleeves.

Warhound: Will there be any missions that you have a team to assist you or to protect it?
Interesting question, I can't really comment on this particular feature, but it is something the Renegade team is taking under consideration.

Warhound If Havoc was in a civilian village, and a Nod patrol passed through the village could you go into one of the houses to hide?
That's the plan. How the player moves through the levels will be up to him.

Warhound: Is there any chance that you can make in Renegade a nod side too?
There is always a possibility. :) Lets get this one done first.

Warhound: If you are walking down a road and a nod humvee comes will the driver try to 'run' you over?
LOL! Great idea, still too early for that, I'll talk with the guys and check if the AI will have this type of behavior.




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