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By: Cyberlord, 27th October 2000

Cyberlord: Can our hero (Havoc) swim in the water?
Louis Castle:
Yes, but not loaded down with gear!! In the game deep water will be an obstacle for Havoc just as it was in C&C.

Cyberlord: Can we get an -Exclusive- rendering or in game screenshot of Renegade?
Louis Castle:
Hopefully, we are going to do everything we can to make sure the Renegade community is constantly supplied with info..

Cyberlord: If Havoc dies, do we have to start all over again (or your last save?), or do we have lives, and can you earn lives?
Louis Castle:
You can save the game often. You begin from the last save.

Cyberlord: Can you send in reinforcements like engineers, so you can take over buildings?
Louis Castle:
Yes, you can do things like take over buildings. Even though reinforcements will get called in for you. Players can only control Havoc throughout the game.

Cyberlord: If Havoc is shot, let's say in his leg, does he has problems to run?
Louis Castle:
No, we decided against handicapping Havoc since it could be very frustrating to play partially disabled. We are going for fun over realism in these types of circumstances.




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