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China - Mission 2 'Hong Kong Crisis'

Our operatives have recently uncovered a GLA terrorist cell in Hong Kong. They have taken over the nearby convention center and are using it as their main base of operations. Destroy the terror cell to eliminate the threat.

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy Convention Center.
  • Objective 2: Destroy attached Parking Garages.
  • Objective 3: Destroy the Toxin Tractor Production Facility.

The pre-mission video shows a massive Chinese force crossing the bridge into Hong Kong. Ah, you finally get to command a real army. The Chinese march across the bridge, blissfully unaware that the GLA has planted a bomb on the side of the bridge. The bomb explodes, sending almost all the Chinese into the river. Fortunately, all the crappy units were placed at the head of the column and survive the explosion…

Your first task will be to set up a base of your own. The nearby park will provide plenty of room for you to deploy. Once you have build up your base, send your infantry to occupy the building near the bridge leading to convention center. Eventually, infantry will show up by train. Send them to reinforce your bridge force and build 2 Gattling Cannons to cover the bridge. Also, you will get a warning that GLA Toxin Tractors have been detected. Send a force of tanks up there to deal with the Toxin Tractors and destroy or capture the Arms Dealer that builds them. While you're up there, you might as well capture the oil refinery next to it to reduce the cost of vehicles.

In the meantime, use either flame tanks or the hoards of free infantry you keep getting from the train station to secure the other two bridges. The GLA will send a constant stream of infantry from these two bridges. Have you men act as cover while you build 2 Gattling Cannons at each of the other two bridges. Two Gattling Cannons should be more than enough to stop the infantry and occasional car bombs the GLA throws at you, but you still need to cut them off at their source.

Fortunately for you, help soon arrives in the form of a disgruntled ferry worker who will be more than happy to help you retake the convention center. Although I initially feared he was a GLA agent who would sink any units I put on his ferry (I mean, he just kind of shows up out of nowhere), after using his boat a couple of times he seems on the level. If you choose to use him, he will deposit you right on the docks – and into the arms of the GLA force guarding the docks.

No, a much better bet is to build a force of 3 Gattling Tanks and 3 Fire Dragons. Since you'll be taking on quite a few units, its better to proceed under the guns of the Gattling Cannons guarding the bridges. Have the fire dragons destroy the buildings while the Gattling Tanks take on the infantry and light vehicles. Target the Parking Garages and Arms Dealer first, as they produce the highly annoying Car Bombs and Technicals. Remember that you don't have to kill every unit on the map, just toast the Garages and Convention center and be done with it.

Given all the anti-infantry forces of the GLA, your troops will have a hard time staying alive in the fighting. If you wish to use troops in combat, there is a hospital to the north on the hill that you can capture to give them a fighting chance.




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