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GLA - Mission 2 'Aid Supplies Drop Zone'

Those U.N. pigs have tried to bribe the starving villagers with their packages of aid. Why let all those supplies go to waste on faceless peasants when they could fuel our glorious struggle? Collect the U.N. aid and destroy anything that stands in your way.

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Collect 20,000 credits by attacking U.N. convoys..
  • Objective 2: Collect 30,000 credits by shooting down U.N. supply planes
  • Objective 3: Collect 40,000 credits by raiding the U.S. base.

The pre-mission video shows the U.N. convoy stopping and giving out supplies to the peasants. After the convoy leaves, the GLA moves in and slaughters the villagers. You will need your own armor to take out the U.N. convoys, so your first priority should be to build an Arms Dealer. Marauders are good for dealing with the Humvees that guard the convoy, while Technicals should be used to get any infantry that come your way. Also, you should build a Tunnel Network on the road just outside your base, since U.N. convoys use that road and can be easily taken out. Almost every convoy has to travel through the major crossroads in town, so you should fortify those buildings with Rebels and rocket infantry. Better yet, plop a Tunnel Network right on the crossroads and you practically guarantee taking out the convoy with minimal losses.

The U.N. will send convoy after convoy to be butchered by your troops. You must be careful to grab the crates as quickly as possible, since the villagers will steal the supplies for themselves. If this happens, simply blow up a few nearby buildings to recover the lost cash. After you collect your 20k in supplies, the U.N. will get wise and start sending in infantry. Send in your Technicals to deal with them, but be advised they will occupy civilian buildings if attacked.

After you deal with them, the U.N. should start sending in supply planes. Rocket infantry are naturally good at bringing them down, but soon you should receive reinforcements in the form of Quad Cannons. 2 Quad Cannons is the minimum to bring down a plane, but sending along another one or some rocket infantry will assure a kill. Small groups of Quad Cannons should be placed along the planes' routes (they use the same routes). Also, bring along a few Scorpions and Technicals for protection and to quickly pick up the supplies.

After you bring down a few planes, U.S. forces will show up. Although they consist mainly of Humvees and infantry, they will tear up your isolated Quad Cannons. Try building at least one Tunnel Network per small village to protect the Quad Cannons and to quickly send reinforcements through.

By this time you should be at the 30,000 credit mark, and the U.S. will begin sending in tanks backed up with lots of infantry. Each enemy vehicle can be killed for cash, so you can choose to make your last 10,000 by attacking the U.S. base to the northwest, picking off the U.S. forces, or simply continuing to hunt down supply planes.




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