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GLA - Mission 3 'Chinese-occupied capital of Kazakhstan'

With our help, the citizens of Astana City have thrown off the yokes of Chinese oppression and are rioting in the streets. This gives us the perfect opportunity to collect more supplies at our enemy's expense. Burn the city to the ground and show what our army of the streets can do. This is one of the most fun GLA missions in the game.

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Collect 40,000 credits in supplies.

The pre-mission video shows Astana City in the throws of a riot. Police cars race to the scene only to be confronted by an angry mob. The police are unable to contain the crowd as they run through the streets, torching buildings and cars.

Take your angry mobs and level the nearby buildings. This will give you the money and space you need to start up your base. Build your structures where the buildings stood to get them as close to the action as possible. There is a hospital to the east that should be captured as soon as possible to allow your troops to heal.

In the meantime, build Jarmen Kell and another group of 3 angry mobs and have them guard your base. The Chinese and Americans will try and attack your base, so leaving this mob here with Jarmen Kell should protect you from any tanks they send. In the meantime, you can take out the nearby buildings and grab the cash.

Continue up north, razing buildings along the way. Eventually you should see a bridge leading west and a couple of American tanks crossing them. They pose little threat to your mob and should be taken out easily. Continue up the path and you'll stumble upon an American held airfield. Take out any vehicles you see and torch occupied control tower. With the Americans out of the way, take the bridge east near the airport control tower.

Across the bridge is the Chinese base. Attacking it will cause the Chinese to send loads of troops to attack you. Destroying them will prevent China from bothering your second mob as it pillages the city, plus killing Chinese soldiers gives you money through the bounties. With so many targets, it should be easy to get the 40,000 you need to end the mission.




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