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USA - Mission 4 'Operation: Stormbringer'

A major GLA training camp has been discovered. Seek out and destroy all GLA units in the area.

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy 4 Stinger Sites.
  • Objective 2: Destroy GLA base on the hill.

The pre-mission video features an impressive landing against a fortified enemy. Perhaps the idea was to surprise the GLA, though they have fortified the beach. Although the US takes some losses, it ends up with a foothold on the beach.

Clear out the few GLA stragglers on the beach to trigger your new objective. You must take out the 4 Stinger Sites so the US can bring in our bombers. The 4 sites are directly north of your position. Use the Tomahawk Launchers to take out the bunkers, then move a tank slowly up the hill until you can see the Stinger Sites. Take out the Sites with the Tomahawks and you'll switch to a video showing bombers carpet bomb the area. Scratch one terrorist training camp.

Construction units show up, but don't build a base just yet. There is a small group of GLA camped out in tents above the Dozers. This is a good spot to set up shop. Use your Tomahawks and tanks to take out the camp. For now, the defense of your base should be your top priority. The buildings at the beginning of the town make a good defensive perimeter, so use the Rangers on the beach to occupy the nearby buildings. Reinforce the buildings by ringing them with Patriot batteries. The GLA will attack from all the eastern approaches, so make sure to leave some tanks in reserve in case any break through. Slowly build up your base and hunker down until your defenses are up. Your best General Promotions for this level are the Spy Drone, Pathfinder, and Paradrop, and the A10 Missile Strike. All of these will be helpful in clearing out the GLA on the hill.

When you feel you can easily fend off the GLA attacks, its time to build your strike force. A good strategy is to build 2 Humvees and fill them with three Missile Defenders, one Pathfinder, and one Ranger each. Now build 2 Crusaders and one Ambulance. Also, move your Tomahawks to the north of your base. If you look at the GLA's hill base, you will see one approach next to your base defended by only one Tunnel Network. Order an A10 Strike on the Network, then send in your tanks and Humvees to mop it up. Don't forget to clear out any rocket infantry that survived the strike. You should find yourself directly above the GLA base. Occupy the large building and the bunker in the base.

The primary targets here should be the Arms Dealer and the Stinger Sites. Your Pathfinders can kill the men in the Stinger Sites while your Missile Defenders take the Site out. With that out of the way, feel free to either destroy or capture the Arms Dealer. Destroy the Command Center and send up a Construction Dozer to build a Barracks and War Factory on the plateau. Send a Pathfinder down to take out the infantry, and the Tomahawks can clear out any remaining vehicles and defensive structures. Remember that should you want to build GLA structures, you should capture either the Command Center or Supply Stash.

By this point, the mission is pretty much in the bag. Without their main base the GLA cannot reinforce, so all that's left is to cross the bridge and clear out the remaining Stinger Sites and Tunnel Network.

Unfortunately, this mission uses up a lot of credits, so it's important to watch your pennies. There are two oil derricks in the southwest portion of the map, directly below the GLA hill base. Although they look tempting, it's more expensive to hold that position and protect the derricks than you can hope to recover from them. However, if you need a quick 2000 credits, you can Paradrop rangers near the derricks and have them capture them. Just keep in mind that the GLA will most likely begin attacking the derricks and send a strike force down to destroy them. It's much easier to just clear out the hill base and end the mission.




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