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Allies - Mission 6

Deploy your MCV where it lands. Get a power plant and barracks up straight away, followed by a refinery. The enemy will send troops and tanks from the south. Your only anti-tank weapons at this time are your rocket infantry. Build a pillbox to act as sponge for enemy fire while your rifle and rocket units work on the enemy units themselves. Your rocket units will also handle any enemy aircraft that try to strafe your base.

Crank out some medium tanks and attack the base in the south. Capture the barracks with an engineer, and infiltrate the radar dome with a spy. Now you can see what the enemy is doing. Build a naval yard by the barracks you captured.

Block your coastline with tanks to prevent the enemy from landing troops on your island. Get a spy into the enemy subpen, and get another one into one of the tech centers. It's easiest if you land them on the craggy piece of land that juts out before their Tesla coil.

The next stage of the mission is destroying all enemy units and buildings. Land 30 medium tanks in the north and slowly work your way down, destroying all the enemy units. The computer will sell all the buildings at the last moment, and a horde of tanks and V2 launchers will erupt from the south.




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