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Allies - Mission 7

A combat situation arises immediately. Kill those troopers with your jeep and tanks. Deploy the MCV, and set up your base. Scout the ore fields to the east and south with the jeep. Build a pillbox to help kill enemy troopers. Build another refinery. Make some medium tanks.

Build rocket infantry to combat enemy airpower. Put a permanent AA gun in the north of your base. Also put rocket infantry where the ore truck travels so you can shoot down marauding MiGs.

Your first objective is to capture the radar dome in the south. A handful of tanks and an engineer will do it. You can sell the radar dome after it's been captured.

The key to finishing the second objective is to destroy the enemy ore trucks and starve your opponent of cash. The only way to do this is to use your minelayers to lay thick fields of mines. Once the ore trucks are gone, you can mass as big a force as you want to destroy the enemy subpens.




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